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Rosie O’Donnell Is Probably Returning To ‘The View’ And Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is F*cking Furious

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck interrupted her personal vacation to voice her outrage over Rosie O'Donnell returning to 'The View'.


Fox & Friends Have Ruined The Mystique Of The Smooth Foul Ball Switcheroo Kid

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Remember the cool kid who caught a foul ball and switched it secretly to impress a pretty girl? Fox & Friends made it boring and common.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Face Doesn’t Know What To Do When Confronted With Realities Of Marijuana Use

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck didn't appreciate it when Shawn Stuckey made sense this morning about marijuana use in teens.

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The Ending Of Today’s Fox & Friends Was Utter Chaos, Involved Guy Fieri And A Cake Thief

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There is so much going on in this Fox & Friends clip, I don't even know where to begin trying to describe it. And Brian Kilmeade's cake was a casualty.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck May Be Headed To CNN To Host A Morning Show

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According to Page Six, "The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is still on her way out, and may end up hosting a morning show on CNN.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Out At ‘The View’ For Being ‘Too Extreme And Right Wing’ (UPDATE: Maybe Not?)

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According to a source, Elisabeth Hasselbeck has been let go by "The View" after nine years because audiences found her "too extreme and right wing."

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Bristol Palin, the bastard-breeding daughter of Alaska governor Sarah (perhaps you've heard of her.

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