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Our 15 Favorite ‘Mad Men’ Couples And Hookups

By | 9 Comments

The many women of Don Draper and men of Peggy Olson.


The ‘Mad Men’ Cast Slumming It: What Sterling, Cooper Draper Might Look Like On Super Casual Friday

By | 24 Comments

After seeing the well-dressed cast of 'Mad Men' dolled up for the show for six seasons, how jarring is it to see them in T-shirts and hoodies?

Elisabeth Moss Has Done ‘Absolutely No Research’ To Portray Peggy On ‘Mad Men’

By | 9 Comments

NPR's Fresh Air interviewed Elisabeth Moss, aka Peggy Olson on "Mad Men." Naturally, a few things stood out.


25 Fun Facts, Theories, Callbacks, And Easter Eggs In AMC’s ‘Mad Men’

By | 45 Comments

A fun list of theories, inside jokes, and callbacks that you may have missed while watching 'Mad Men.'


Watch Jessica Alba, Zach Braff, And Other Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves On Kimmel

By | 50 Comments

Last night Jimmy Kimmel did the fourth edition of "Mean Tweets," where celebrities read nasty things people have tweeted about them. It was terrific.


TV GIFs Of The Week (And The Best Of ‘Top Of The Lake’/’Mad Men’ Star Elisabeth Moss)

By | 14 Comments

A collection of the best GIFs featuring "Mad Men"/"Top of the Lake" star Elisabeth Moss.


Why Everyone Should Catch Up With ‘Top Of The Lake’ Before Its Season Finale

By | 21 Comments

Everyone should be watching Sundance's "Top of the Lake," starring Elisabeth Moss. Here's why.

Mad Men

Elisabeth Moss Did A Sexy GQ Shoot And Played A Round Of Sterling Cooper FMK

By | 28 Comments

Elisabeth Moss -- who plays Peggy on "Mad Men" -- played a round of F*ck, Marry, Kill during her photo shoot with GQ, and got all the right answers.


What’s On Tonight: Make The Wait Until ‘Mad Men’ More Tolerable With Peggy’s New Show

By | 18 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the season premiere of "Dancing with the Stars" and series premiere of "Top of the Lake."

Arthouse Films

Behold, the most arthouse movie synopsis of all time

By | 16 Comments

You guys, sit tight, because I'm still working on bringing you comprehensive coverage of awards season and Sundance.


Fat Betty, Peggy, And Slimy Pete Will All Stick Around For Two More Years Of ‘Mad Men’

By | 10 Comments

Three of Matthew Weiner's principal players will return for what is expected to be the last two seasons of <i>Mad Men</i>, plus a status update on Christina Hendricks contract.


Peggy Olson Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere, According To ‘Mad Men’ Showrunner Matthew Weiner

By | 12 Comments

'Mad Men' showrunner Matthew Weiner says Elisabeth Moss's character, Peggy Olson, will return to the show next season.


A GIF Tribute to the Ladies of 'Mad Men'

By | 15 Comments

Haha, remember when season five of “Mad Men” began with those jerks dropping water balloons on the black picketers on the street below.


15 Alluring Images of Elisabeth Moss, 'Mad Men's' Least Appreciated Beauty

By | 40 Comments

On a show that features characters played by Christina Hendricks, January Jones, Alison Brie, and Jessica Paré, Elisabeth Moss often gets overlooked when it comes to the show's sex appeal.

Mad Men

Elisabeth Moss Slammed Fred Armisen, Kinda

By | 36 Comments

"Mad Men's" Elisabeth Moss took part in an <a href="">interview with Page Six Magazine</a> recently, where she talked about everything from dressing all sexy-like in her private life ("Sometimes you just wanna wear somethin' real tight and show it all off," she says, blue eyes twinkling.


Breaking News: ‘Mad Men’ Has Attractive Stars

By | 15 Comments

The cover story for the newest edition of Rolling Stone profiles "Mad Men," and although <a href="" target="_blank">the article</a> won't be available online until Friday, this <a href="" target="_blank">cool collection of behind-the-scenes photos</a> by James Minchin III is fun to peruse.


Ladies Love Fred Armisen

By | 16 Comments

Fred Armisen of "Saturday Night Live" looks like Elton John dressed as a lesbian, but that doesn't seem to affect his love life.

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