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‘Happy Endings’ Writers Tease ‘A New Day’ — But What Could It Mean?

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The 'Happy Endings' Twitter directs users to a countdown. What is it counting down to?

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Ten New TV Shows To Keep Your Fingers Crossed For In 2015

By | 65 Comments

From Rainn Wilson's 'Backstrom' to SyFy's '12 Monkeys', there are plenty of new series to be excited and cautious about.


A Thoughtful Investigation Into Whether Or Not There Will Ever Be Another Phoebe Cates

By | 129 Comments

The legendary Phoebe Cates celebrated her 51st birthday today, and as such we celebrate the legacy of her iconic pool scene.


Elisha Cuthbert Will Return To TV As A Lesbian In NBC’s ‘One Big Happy’

By | 8 Comments

Elisha Cuthbert can't stay away from comedies with "Happy" in the title.


What’s Going On Between Elisha Cuthbert And April Reimer?

By | 47 Comments

Last night, the Boston Bruins took a commanding 3-1 lead over the Toronto Maple Leafs in their first round Stanley Cup Playoffs series, and nobody really cares about that because Happy Endings star Elisha Cuthbert was in the crowd and – did that girl just get sassy with Alex Kerkovich.


Elisha Cuthbert In A Pile Of Puppies Is Why ‘Happy Endings’ Should Be Renewed

By | 15 Comments

Here is an extremely important GIF of Elisha Cuthbert playing with puppies on "Happy Endings."


20 Things We’ll Never Know If One Of The Funniest Shows On TV, ‘Happy Endings,’ Isn’t Saved

By | 79 Comments

The many questions that would be left unanswered if ABC's "Happy Endings" was to be cancelled.


Did You Get It? 15 Of TV’s Most Elaborate Inside Jokes

By | 79 Comments

A list of 15 hilarious, fascinating meta references that various TV shows, like "Scrubs" and "The Wire," have made over the years.


More Halloween Episodes, Please

By | 20 Comments

I don't know why, but I absolutely love Halloween episodes.

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Morning Links: The Next Big Thing

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With Leather Brock Lesnar Murdering Things - I learned to love him as Paul Heyman's cocky frat supermonster, I learned to love him as a faux-Minnesota Viking and now I must learn to love him again as a guy who systematically does everything I don't like.


Sean Avery Leads A Fairy Tale Life

By | 6 Comments

New York Rangers star Sean Avery is famous for two things: wearing Auntie Nelda's glasses and for battling homophobia in sports by interning at a 500-page perfume ad.

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