Fox Wants A Star For Jean Grey In ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’ Cyclops? Meh, Whoever.

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Fox couldn't care less who plays Cyclops in 'X-Men: Apocalypse,' but Jean Grey appears to be a big deal for the studio.


Flea And Peter Dinklage Support A Junkie Jazz Musician In The Trailer For ‘Low Down’

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Peter Dinklage's name might be the click-bait, but Flea is the actual reason to watch this trailer.


Disney’s ‘Maleficent’ Has A Haunting New Trailer

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The new trailer for 'Maleficent' doesn't reveal much more than we already knew, but it has some really spooky music.


The New ‘Maleficent’ Trailer Reveals The Evil Behind Angelina Jolie’s Cheeks

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The latest trailer for Disney's 'Maleficent' reveals a beautiful look at the live action retelling of 'Sleeping Beauty.'


TRAILER: Angelina Jolie tries out her Dracula voice in ‘Maleficent’

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Disney has released the long-awaited first trailer for Maleficent, starring Angelina Jolie and her Dracula voice as the witch from Sleeping Beauty. Hooray for CGI!

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This New Sigur Rós Video Starring Elle Fanning Might Just Blow Your Mind

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Sit back and enjoy this Sigur Rós musical tale of a ballet dancer and her father. The ending will blow your mind.


Val Kilmer's ponytail plays Stephenie Meyer in Francis Coppola's 'Twixt'

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This is the trailer for Twixt, from Francis Ford Coppola, the famous wine magnate who many forget once directed films.


Super 8 has a new trailer too

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My panties were so moist over R-Pattz' abstinence-induced rage sex that I scarcely noticed that the MTV Movie Awards had also debuted a new trailer for JJ Abrams' Super 8.



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Oh my gosh, you guys, this is so awesome I almost spilled espresso on my scarf when I read it: Sofia Coppola is doing a movie about the Chateau Marmont.

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