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Father Of Santa Barbara Shooting Victim To Politicians: ‘I Don’t Care About Your Sympathy’

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The Father of one of the victims of the Isla Vista shootings speaks out. And boy, does he speak out.


Seth Rogen Responded To A Columnist Who Implied He Caused Elliot Rodger’s Shooting Spree

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"If our cinematic grammar is one of macho one should be surprised when those impulses take luridly literal form."


Rap Genius Co-Founder Mahbod Maghadam Resigns Over Santa Barbara Shooting Comments

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Maghadam penchant for crass remarks finally catches up with him.


Fox News ‘Expert’ Suggests Elliot Rodger Went On Shooting Spree Because He’s Gay

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Elliot Rodger did what he did because of his "homosexual impulses."


Santa Barbara Shooter Elliot Rodger Wrote A ‘Twisted’ 141-Page Manifesto

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Here's a 107,927 words long manifesto written by an insane person.


The Suspected Gunman In Last Night’s Santa Barbara Shootings Left Behind A Chilling Video

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Suspected Santa Barbara shooter Elliot Rodger filmed a "manifesto" before killing seven people.

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