The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Elzhi’s “Life’s A Bitch”

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Anyone who knows me well will tell you how strongly my feelings are for The Gap Band's eternal baby-maker, "Yearning For Your Love.

Will Sessions

eLZhi – “Memory Lane” Video

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Before <a href="">eLZhi</a> dropped his homage to Nas, I <a href="">questioned</a> whether or not we needed another reiteration of the storied LP.


eLZhi – “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” Video

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<a href="">eLZhi</a> releases a visual for "It Ain't Hard To Tell," directed by Michael Castelaz.

Will Sessions

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Elzhi

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Quick, name a celebrated group of Hip-Hop's past where a member went on to match or top their former troupe's success on a consistent basis.

Will Sessions

Elzhi – elMatic

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<a href=""> While it stands as the greatest Hip-Hop album of all-time to some, Illmatic is a classic to all rap fans who have experienced it. Possessing the proper amount of lyrical structure, production balance and intensity bred deep in the culture's origins, it remains a landmark album few are willing to attempt to recreate. Detroit's very own <a href="">eLZhi</a> stands amongst the few and the proud, but no he's not a Marine.


Elzhi – “Halftime” Video

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<a href=""> After the leak it's the video, then, After the video it's the album release the, After the release, there's a release parrt-tyyy...Nah nah, let me stop because I've never possessed a knack for melodies. But we do get the promised drop of El's <a href="">"Halftime"</a> video clip, produced by Gerard Victor.


Elzhi – “Halftime”

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<a href=""> More music from Elzhi's ELmatic, produced and played Live by Will Sessions. The video for "Halftime" will premier on Wednesday. Elzhi - "Halftime" Thanks: <a href="">Matt C</a> Previously: <a href="">Do We Really Need Another Illmatic?</a>.


Do We Really Need Another Illmatic?

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<a href=""> There's really no way to dispute why people are so excited for <a href="">Elzhi's</a> upcoming ELmatic mixtape.


eLZHi – “Verbal Intercourse Pt. 2″ (Prod. by 14KT)

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Two of eL's biggest supporters are <a href="">eskay</a> and <a href="">our own LC</a>, which very well may be the equivalent of a rap Romans 8:31 cosign or at least enough amassed credibility to warrant a listen when he drops a new track.


“The LC Stimulus Package…”

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Looks like LC's Detroit brethren knew she was feeling a little down after <a href="">last night</a> and put out some music to ease her pain.

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