Elton Brand Won’t Pay Out On Bet After Kyle Korver’s “Fingertip Dunk”


During last night's 110-91 Hawks win over the Pacers, their 14th consecutive victory, Kyle Korver did something he hasn't done in an NBA game in two years and has only done 16 times over his 11-plus year career.


Father & All-Star, Elton Brand, Has Seen It All During His 15-Year Career

It's impossible not to picture the regal bearing of Elton Brand every time he drops another gem of knowledge on us.


The 10 Best Dunks In The NBA Last Week

It seems as if the All-Star Game only inspired players to throw down dunks that were far more vicious and creative than anything we saw in the first half of the season.

#Chris Paul

The 15 All-Time NBA Western Conference Starting Lineups

Not everyone can have the same history as the L.


Dime Q&A: Elton Brand On Defining An NBA Legacy

Ray Allen, in his 18th year in the league and arguably the greatest three-point shooter of all time, backpedals to the three-point line and rises up for the biggest shot of his career.

Kris Humphries

10 Of The Worst Players In The NBA This Season

The athletes that play in the NBA are genetic freaks.


The 15 Best Frontcourts In The NBA

Frontcourts are the backbone of every successful NBA team.


The Top 60 Big Men In Fantasy Basketball

While the whole country is gearing up for fantasy football, we here at Dime feel it's never too early for fantasy basketball draft preparation.

Wilson Chandler

Fantasy Basketball: The 3 Best Pickups Of The Week (1.28)


This week's pickups list comes with some good and bad news.

Wilson Chandler

Fantasy Basketball: The 5 Best Pickups Of The Week (1.22)

FRESH PICKINGS Devin Harris (26 percent owned in Yahoo.


The Top 5 NBA New Year’s Eve Performances Ever

While everyone's focused on the new year ahead, some players still have business to finish on New Year's Eve.


Andrew Bynum Is The NBA’s Ultimate Catch-22

In February of 2005, the Philadelphia 76ers made what was thought to be a blockbuster deal when they acquired Chris Webber from the Sacramento Kings.


Video: Philly’s Top 10 Plays From Last Season

Some of us in the Dime offices are super excited about the Sixers' potential moving forward, and a lot of that stems from their offseason moves.


The Top 20 U.S. Olympic Snubs Of The Last 20 Years

Building an Olympic team shouldn't be like constructing an All-Star team.


Elton Brand Is Dallas’ Latest One-Year Wonder; Goodman Battles Team NYC

We've written a lot in this space about the league's "one more try" theme going into this next NBA season with the amount of older players getting contracts.


Michael Jordan Laughs At Kobe; Team USA Loses Another Big Star

Note to self: never ask an NBA star if his team, team A, can beat team B.


Ray Allen Joins The Heat; Joe Johnson Brought Deron Williams to Brooklyn

Crank up the Willenium because Ray Allen is Miami bound and needs a welcome.


Sixers Amnesty Elton Brand; Sign Nick Young

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but the 76ers reportedly just used their amnesty clause on Elton Brand to clear $18 million-worth of cap space.

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