The Best And Worst Of WCW Clash Of The Champions XXXII

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The Best and Worst of WCW Clash Of The Champions XXXII, a special edition of the Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro.

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The Best And Worst Of WWF Monday Night Raw 3/1/93: Taints Of A Clown

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The vintage Best and Worst of WWF Monday Night Raw for March 1 1993, featuring Bret Hart vs. Fatu and Rob Bartlett as Elvis for some reason.


Elvis Songs You Probably Didn’t Realize Were Covers

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Beyond "Suspicious Minds" many iconic Elvis songs were not originally performed by the King and the originals are beautiful treasures that seldom receive the proper recognition they deserve.


An Ohio Man Is Selling Elvis Presley’s Pubes For $5,000 On Craigslist

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In the market for a strange, disgusting and expensive holiday present? A man is selling Elvis Presley's pubic hair.

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Check Out the Amazing Story Of Panther Girl, The Lady Wrestler Who Beat The Champ And Kissed Elvis

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Victory Sports profiled Ann Casey, otherwise known as Panther Girl, detailing her incredible run in pro wrestling during the 1960s and 70s.


Baz Luhrmann Is In Talks To Direct An Elvis Presley Biopic. WE’RE GONNA NEED MORE RHINSTONES!

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Baz Luhrmann is in talks to direct an Elvis Presley biopic, which I'm sure won't be ridiculously shiny.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 3/10/14: Conditioner On Our Bodies

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The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw for March 10, 2014, featuring Occupy Raw, Jerry Lawler's horrible shirt and LL Cool J discussing body conditioner.

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If You Haven’t Heard David Thibault’s Cover Of ‘Blue Christmas’ Yet, You Need To Now

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Sixteen-year old David Thibault became an Internet star this week after he performed his uncanny cover of Elvis's 'Blue Christmas' on the radio.


5 Musical Milestones That Happened On Halloween That Have Nothing To Do With Halloween

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A great single was released, a great artist recorded his last song, important musicians were born, and other important non-Halloween October 31 milestones.


Ever Wondered What Your Favorite Classic Album Covers Would Look Like Without The Dead Artists?

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Benjamin Franklin once said that the only things that are certain in life are death, taxes and that Lady GaGa will have 5 hit singles each year.

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The Ills….

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You know something is terribly wrong when Leslie Hindman Auctioneers can sell some of Elvis Presley's locks for fifteen large, while four thousand miles away in Venice, 97-year-old Bessie Mae Berger and her two sons live in a dilapidated '73 Suburban.


“Where The Money Goes…”

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Spoiler Alert: The music industry is suffering or something.

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