The Best And Worst Of WCW Clash Of The Champions XXXII

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The Best and Worst of WCW Clash Of The Champions XXXII, a special edition of the Best and Worst of WCW Monday Nitro.

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The Best And Worst Of WWF Monday Night Raw 3/1/93: Taints Of A Clown

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The vintage Best and Worst of WWF Monday Night Raw for March 1 1993, featuring Bret Hart vs. Fatu and Rob Bartlett as Elvis for some reason.


Elvis Songs You Probably Didn’t Realize Were Covers

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Beyond "Suspicious Minds" many iconic Elvis songs were not originally performed by the King and the originals are beautiful treasures that seldom receive the proper recognition they deserve.

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Watch The Rock Sing Christmas Karaoke In A Spectacular Holiday Onesie

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson stopped by 'Kelly And Michael' to sing karaoke, spread a little Christmas cheer, and wear ugly pajamas.


Poor Miles Teller Said Doing ‘Divergent’ Made Him Feel ‘Dead Inside’ :-(

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In a tell-all interview, the actor actually compares himself to Elvis.


What’s The Deal With ‘The Identical?’ Could This Jormp-Jomp Elvis Movie Be This Year’s ‘The Room?’

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Did you see an ad for 'The Identical' and think you were on mushrooms? You're not alone. We did some digging on this Christian-themed Elvis movie and it just kept getting weirder.


‘Variety’ Claims Rock ‘N’ Roll Was Invented By Elvis And Twitter Reacts With #VarietyHeadlines

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'Variety' tempted the internet by claiming Elvis created Rock 'N' Roll. It didn't go so well.


Baz Luhrmann Is In Talks To Direct An Elvis Presley Biopic. WE’RE GONNA NEED MORE RHINSTONES!

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Baz Luhrmann is in talks to direct an Elvis Presley biopic, which I'm sure won't be ridiculously shiny.


Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, And 2Pac Are Alive! (In This Insane Beer Commercial)

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Something tells Kurt Cobain wouldn't approve of his likeness being used by a beer company.

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If You Haven’t Heard David Thibault’s Cover Of ‘Blue Christmas’ Yet, You Need To Now

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Sixteen-year old David Thibault became an Internet star this week after he performed his uncanny cover of Elvis's 'Blue Christmas' on the radio.


Zooey Deschanel Would Like To Thoroughly Confuse You With Elvis Cosplay

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Everyone's imaginary girlfriend Zooey Deschanel was on Conan O'Brien and revealed to the world her (not so) incredible Elvis impersonation.

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WATCH: Quentin Tarantino plays Elvis in a 1988 episode of Golden Girls

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I'd heard Quentin Tarantino talk about getting royalties for an episode he did of Golden Girls for years, but I hadn't seen the video until today, when Miramax tweeted it (check out the video below).


Watch Conan O'Brien Cover Elvis' 'Hard-Headed Woman' And Have Your Day Improved

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Just a fun reminder that Conan O'Brien is better than you at everything.


Two-Year-Old Burns Up The Dance Floor


A two-year-old boy flashes some impressive moves at a wedding.


Rights bought to Stephen King's time travel novel about the JFK assassination. Wait, what?

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Scientifically speaking, I believe that if Stephen King doesn't write at least 100 pages a day, he'll start biting himself like a shark (sharks do that, right.


Yup, ‘Glee’ Is Bigger Than Elvis

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Back in October, the cast of "Glee" passed the Beatles for the most songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by a non-solo act.


“Paul Is Undead” Writer To Exploit the Corpse of Elvis Next


We've already told you about Alan Goldsher's creatively bankrupt attempt to cash in on both the Beatles and zombies, and apparently the novel is good enough, or at least marketable enough, to merit a rehashing of the idea before anybody else can get to it.



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Saturday night at the then smashed some boards and ice blocks (obligatory: "I must break you").

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