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The Best And Worst Things About The Sci-Fi Movies Of 2013

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Let's take a trip through an up and down year for sci-fi...


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Blu-ray: Stuff Your Stocking With The Lone Ranger And One Direction

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Christmas is just around the corner and the major studios want you to spend time with your families catching up on all the summer movies you didn't bother to see at the theater.


Box Office Recap: Riddick Was Obviously The Big Winner This Weekend

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Considering that Riddick was the only movie that opened in wide release this weekend, it was obviously going to be the top performer at the box office, unless people had the sudden urge to finally see The Lone Ranger at the local dollar theater.

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The Summer Of Nerd: How Geeky Movies Did At The Box Office

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The summer movie season is almost over, so we look back to see which geeky movies won, and which tanked.


Frotcast 166: Elysium, Porn Scholar Dr. Chauntelle, Ben’s Losing a Ball

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Listen on the player above, or <a href="" target="_blank">download this week's episode as an mp3 here </a>(right-click, "save as.

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‘Breaking Bad’ Sitcom, Pixar’s ‘Elysium’, ‘Adventure Time’ LEGO, And Other Mashups


Featured mashup videos of the week, including LEGO 'Adventure Time', 'Game Of Thrones' and 'Breaking Bad' sitcoms, and more

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Box Office Recap: ‘Elysium’ Made Enough Money To Build A Utopian Space Station

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A pretty interesting and almost fascinating summer at the box office continued this weekend, with the blockbuster Neill Blomkamp sci-fi thriller Elysium opening strong to the tune of $30.


Weekend Movie Guide: Matt Damon’s A Tough Robot Guy In ‘Elysium’

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Opening Everywhere: Elysium, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, We’re the Millers, Planes FilmDrunk Suggests: Before Vince left for the Gathering of the Juggalos – where he has already contracted syphilis – he told me that he was very upset that he couldn’t finish his review for Planes, but he said that it is “the single greatest movie that he’s ever seen” and “Dane Cook is the most important actor of this or any generation.


‘Elysium’ Doesn’t Earn Its Social Message

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'Elysium' is Neil Blomkamp's next film... but it doesn't quite live up to the promise of 'District 9'.


Watch Stephen Colbert Interview Matt Damon While Getting Crushed By A Soda Machine

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Death by soda machine is really the only proper backdrop for a chat about your new movie.


Interview: Actor Faran Tahir On Being The President Of ‘Elysium’

By | 2 Comments

Faran Tahir talks about 'Elysium' and what it takes to play the president of a satellite that doesn't exist.

concept art

Exclusive Preview: ‘Elysium: The Art Of The Film’

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'Elysium' has some stunning production art, presented in a beautiful new art book.


Well, That Escalated Quickly: Explosive ‘Elysium’ Videos May Show Too Much

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'Elysium' opens this Friday, and we have three more clips, two of which contain pretty big spoilers.

Jimmy Kimmel Pranked Matt Damon Hilariously During His ‘Elysium’ Presser

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Hey, at least the plot to 'Ass Face' seems less confusing than Matt Damon's 'Elysium'...

how likely is it?

‘Elysium': How Possible Is Its Technology?

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Elysium has some seemingly far-fetched technology, but a lot of it is real... and closer to reality than you might think.


Sharlto Copley Is ‘The Most Insane Person’ In New ‘Elysium’ Photos And Video

By | 9 Comments

Sony released new pictures and a featurette about Sharlto Copley's psychotic assassin character in 'Elysium'.


The New Extended Trailer For ‘Elysium’ Reveals Matt Damon’s Fancy Gadgets

By | 23 Comments

The newest trailer for Neill Blomkamp’s highly-anticipated Elysium is a long one, but hoo boy does this sucker look good or what.


Sharlto Copley Trashed Matt Damon’s Trailer While Filming ‘Elysium’ (Plus Video)

By | 6 Comments

Sharlto Copley says he trashed Matt Damon's trailer during the filming of 'Elysium', and we also have a new video from the film.


'Elysium' Drops An Explosive Extended Trailer And Two Videos

By | 12 Comments

The 'Elysium' extended trailer and two clips have completely sold me on this movie.

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