How To Secure Your Email Amid Secure Email Services Closing

By | 7 Comments

Secure email is still a possibility... just harder to achieve. A guide to what's happening.


Google Has Revamped Gmail Again

By | 12 Comments

Get ready, you guys...your Gmail inbox is about to change drastically again. Thanks, Google!


How Email Stupidity Took Down The Director Of The CIA

By | 7 Comments

Apparently being a highly trained and decorated member of the military and head of the CIA means you'll still give your email password to your mistress.


Jersey Courts Rule You Can Read Anybody's Email If They Leave It Up


Do you often forget to log out of your email when you're on public computers.


Science Finally Shuts Up Idiotic Email Forwards


We've all got somebody in our lives who will forward you something, anything, no matter how stupid it is.


Dumb HR Guy Fires Entire Division Of Company By Hitting ‘Reply All’ On Email


We all know that email needs to be redesigned so that the "Reply All" button is far, far away from the "Reply" button.

kurt loder

Fab 5 Freddy Explains Email To 1994 On YO! MTV Raps


This may be even better than that clip of Kurt Loder explaining the internet to 1995 that surfaced yesterday, if you can believe that.

osama bin laden

How Did Bin Laden Send Email?


One of the things that has long vexed American intelligence officials is how Osama Bin Laden was able to communicate with his minions across the globe via email without being detected by the NSA's super-duper spy satellites and such that allow it to basically monitor any type of electronic communication it chooses to.

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