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Five Guys Emailed A Customer To Let Him Know Just How Much Of A ‘Douche’ He Is

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A Five Guys customer is "a perfect example of why this world is f*cked," says Five Guys.


This Banker Bro Email Is A Mighty Persuasive Argument For Ending Capitalism

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This banker bro email is so terrible that you may find yourself suddenly warming up to the concept of communism after reading it.

bashar al-assad

Syria's Murderous D-Bag Leader Gets His Email Hacked


<a href=""></a>Bashar Al-Assad is, and we hope we're not being too subtle in our feelings here, a complete and total monster currently committing war crimes because the citizens of the country he rules with an iron fist <a href="">would like somebody who isn't a douchebag</a>, please.

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