Joe Budden Ft. Emanny – “More Of Me (All Of Me Pt. 2)”

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Seemingly picking up where his catalog-classic "<a href="" target="_blank">All Of Me</a>" left off, Joe Budden and Emanny update the story in 2012 with the Cardiak-produced "More Of Me.

The Klassix

Joe Budden – “Quality Of Life” Video

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Joey and friends - including his latest boo Kaylin Garcia and sidekick Emanny - turn a night at the bowling alley into a video for "Quality Of Life," showing that the basics can be some of life's better things.

The Klasix

The iPod Shuffle – Joe Budden’s “All Of Me”

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Before the explosion of social media, learning about Joe Budden's personal life via his music provided an aura of vulnerability rarely seen in Hip-Hop.


Emilio Rojas x DJ Green Lantern – Breaking Point Mixtape


An icy cold demeanor, impeccable delivery on a staggering range of beats and refusal to conform to industry trends has lead our rhyming anti-hero, <a href="">Emilio Rojas</a> to this point in Twenty Twelve.


Emanny Feat. Jadakiss – “Young & Ready”

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Everyone's got their preference and the tandem of <a href="">Emanny</a> and <a href="">Jadakiss</a> like 'em young.


Emanny Feat. Joe Budden – “I Messed Up”


For years, it's always been "Joe Budden Featuring Emanny.


Joe Budden Feat. Emanny – “Ayo”

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<a href=""> It's not "Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt. 3," but will hold over until then. Upon listening to this track, two unique thoughts came to mind. The first being <a href="">Joey's</a> ability to channel so much aggression on records.

Styles P.

Emanny Feat. Styles P & Jadakiss – “When I’m Gone”

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<a href=""> Any fan of Joe Budden's <a href="">Mood Muzik series</a> should be a fan of <a href="">Emanny</a>, the crooner know-how who has played a major role in some of Mouse's more revered hits to date.

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