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A Study Shows That It Is Embarrassing To Use Facebook Thanks To The Worst People Of All: Your Family

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If you've dumped Facebook for greener pastures in the past few years, you're not alone as studies show the social giant is in decline.


Here’s The Latest Nominee For The Most Embarrassing MMA Fighter Of All-Time

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A Brazilian MMA fighter fed up with getting his butt kicked spit out his mouth guard, called time out and jumped out of the octagon.


Anonymous Set To Release Symantec’s Source Code, For LOLs


<a href=""></a>Let's just clear this up right now: Anti-virus software can be useful, but it's in a <a href="">constant</a> <a href="">battle</a> with hackers, constantly playing catch-up with new viruses, and security researchers pretty consistently find ways to get around these programs.

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