STS – The Illustrious LP

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Up onto this point, STS has by far exceeded the expectations for a hungry rapper.


KiD CuDi – “We Aite (Wake Your Mind Up)” Video

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<a href=""> The precursory lighter that lit the blunt that turned into "Marijuana" comes along to show actual proof of the Cudder's popularity. It's always deeper than rap when you're a bona fide rockstar. Shot, edited, and directed By Jason Goldwatch, here's what he had to comment on being a part of something so extravagant: A small piece of a larger Psychedelic documentary " The Journey of Mr. Rager" Available on the DELUXE CD-DVD version of his new album "M.O.T.M. II The Legend of Mr. Rager" Support great shit. And so it is. Go join the movement <a href="">on iTunes</a>.


XV – Vizzy Zone

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When you have Hip-Hop aspirations growing up in Kansas, it's kind of an uphill battle escaping the shadow of stereotype ruby slippers and twisters cast.

Tha Bizness

Pill x DJ Drama – 1140: The Overdose

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<a href=""> In case you haven't figured it out, Pill applies his life to a metaphor in perfect context to the environment around him. His addictive lyrical abilities act as stimulants to the audio senses to keep you, the fiends, coming back for more. And since his high hasn't came down since he was named a top freshman in the game and <a href="">shutting down SXSW stages</a>, his co-signer <a href="">XXL </a>acts as the middle man for his latest street shipment <a href="">1140: The Overdose</a>.

Truck North

STS – Demand More 2

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If you couldn't tell by the leaks or the swagger, <a href="">Sugar Tongue Slim a.k.a. STS</a> has a silky smooth flow but he still believes in pushing the creative boundaries in Hip-Hop to the limit.

We Got Now

Freddie Gibbs – “I’m That Ni##a”

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If you know Freddie G's <a href="">story</a> & <a href="">history</a>, you're familiar that he's not one for the industry politrix.

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