Laws Feat. Emilio Rojas & Big K.R.I.T. – “Hold You Down (Remix)” Video

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<a href=""> The most remarkable aspect about overtime in any event is that even with the expected fatigue setting in, an extra effort is still inevitable. <a href="">Laws</a> brought the pain in the 5th quarter for <a href="">5:01</a> and recruited a couple super-lyrical friends for the remix to "Hold You Down.

Young Chris

DJ Drama x Cookin Soul – History In The Making

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<a href="download-dj-drama-and-cookin-soul-history-in-the-making"> Mr. Thanksgiving and the producers who do it better the 2nd time, Cookin Soul, come through with another freebie on this glorious Tuesday to make your iPod smile. When is the last time you heard a compilation mixtape that was worthy of constant spins? More than likely it was a <a href="">CS presentation</a>.

S1 Music Box

Laws – 5:01 (Overtime) Mixtape

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<a href=""> It's obvious <a href="">Laws</a> is a fan of the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


Big K.R.I.T. – “Straight Up Out The South”

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<a href=""> We're going to make this short, sweet and to the point. Here's everything you need to know about this track. Ready? Let's get it. -- This is merely another record from the homie <a href="">K.R.I.T.</a> to add to the archives.

The Natual

Emilio Rojas – “Sympathy For The Devil” Video

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I could watch these <a href="">Court Dunn</a> videos all day because, as someone once mentioned, he's the new guy with a different eye for seeing and presenting things.


Notable Quotable – Asher Roth On “Bold & Arrogant”

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"Descendant of condescending, sending a kind of scent The nostrils get type of sting / a narcissistic kind of thing I'm often met with harp and strings and an operatic sing When I walk inside the ring you would thought that I had wings, On the softer side of things I'm just an unrealistic optimist My awesomeness is off the grid, an awesome kid anonymous, Got the hottest chick with a cock in her esophagus All you other novices are obviously just talkin' shit, Hot-doggin' it, apartment smells mahogany Carpentry and archery have all been called anomalies, Honestly, Avant-gaaaarde of the artistry Pardon the applause but they've all started calling me (Bold and arrogant, they ain't arrogant) Won't even preform if my oranges ain't Mandarin, Candles lit, little mayonnaise up on my sand-a-wich You don't like my manners you can handle it with management" Asher Roth on <a href="">"Bold & Arrogant" (Remix)</a> <a href="<br ></a>">Ash Roth</a>, the cocky CT PA kid everybody <a href="">hated on</a> (including myself) a year ago for sitting cross-legged and rapping about low-fat yogurt and incense while trying to show & prove to <a href="">XXL</a>, is now being tapped into by Hip-Hop's connoisseurs for that very arrogance that got him shine in the first place.


Track By Track For Emilio Rojas’ The Natural

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While you play catch-up on your day off around the site, allow yourself to back track on a project you might have skipped over.


Event Recap: Illmind’s Blaps, Rhymes & Life Release Party

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The rain drenched streets of New York didn't stop the heads from coming to Illmind's Blaps, Rhymes & Life IV event at Santos Party House last Wednesday.


DJ Green Lantern Presents Emilio Rojas – The Natural

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The term "underrated" gets thrown around a lot but rarely taken heed.

The Notorious B.I.G.

DJ Drama & Cookin’ Soul – The Notorious B.I.G. Tribute Mixtape

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Thanks in part to <a href="">the Notorious movie</a>, Hip-Hop has been fortunate to undergo a Biggie resurrection of sorts on the World Wide Web.

Recession Proof

Emilio Rojas – “585 (Rock Y’all)” Video

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Words By Jason Hortillas Here's the new Emilio Rojas video for the remix of "585 (Rock Y'all)" Remix featuring Hassan Mackey, Black Sinatra, LI & Nikal Fieldz.

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