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James Franco Reveals Role As Blond, Ex-Gay Christian Activist On Instagram

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James Franco goes blond to play a famous formerly-gay Christian minister.

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‘Palo Alto,’ Where James Franco Is King And Everyone’s Father Is Famous

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'Palo Alto' is based on a book by James Franco, was directed by a Coppola, and stars the children of famous actors.

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The Rock Has Some Questions For Liam Hemsworth In The 'Empire State' Trailer

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in full-on serious actor mode for his latest film of 2013, Empire State, which hits theaters in… never.

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James Franco & Harmony Korine doing a Selena Gomez movie? My dicknose sense is tingling.

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Last time James Franco and Harmony Korine got together, they shot a film where James Franco BMX fights a bunch of naked gangster chicks (see above).


Review: Scre4m is the y3ar’s w0rst f1lm

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Reference Reference Reference Reference (*Fart*) Scre4m is like a thousand amateur Freudians queefing in an echo chamber and then discussing it for the next hour.


Spider-Man’s girlfriend auditions a who’s who of who’s thats

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(Teresa Palmer, Emma Roberts) Sony is busy auditioning actresses to play Spider-Man's love interest (not Mary Jane this time) in their Mark Webb-directed, 3D reboot of Spider-Man, and Tof these five, but, you know.


Who Will Spider-Man Spider-Bang? Maybe These Women. Maybe You.

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Heatvision reports director Marc Webb has narrowed down the casting choices for Spidey's love interest in the Spider-Man reboot to these (and maybe a few more) actresses.


BEHOLD: The most asinine news story since the dawn of man

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Put on your Twilight helmets, folks, because it's about to get stupid up in here.

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