Emma Watson

Emma Watson Put An End To Her Royal Dating Rumors With Just One Tweet

By | 24 Comments

Emma Watson took to Twitter and put an end to all the royal dating rumors that were swirling around the Internet.

Emma Watson

The Internet Is Flipping Out Over The Latest Emma Watson Royal Dating Rumor

By | 7 Comments

The actress has been linked to a certain ginger-ish member of the royal family.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Will Star In Disney’s Live-Action ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Remake

By | 16 Comments

Emma Watson will show off her pipes as Belle in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast".

Emma Watson

Watch Emma Watson Dedicate BAFTA Win To Millie…Her Dead Hamster


Watson remembered Millie, who passed away during the production of the first 'Harry Potter' film.

Emma Watson

Those Rumored Emma Watson Nude Photos? They Were An Anti-4Chan Hoax.

By | 21 Comments

Emma Watson's leaked nude photos are fake, but skeezy marketing firms are real.

Emma Watson

Watch Emma Watson Explain Why She’s A Proud Feminist To The United Nations

By | 9 Comments

Emma Watson wants to be more than "just that Harry Potter girl."

Emma Watson

Emma Watson Laughed In The Face Of A Sexist Politician

By | 13 Comments

A Turkish politician said that women shouldn't laugh in public. Emma Watson had a response for that.


6 Of The Weirdest Examples Of The Internet’s Obsession With Emma Watson

By | 12 Comments

If there's anything the internet loves more than Emma Watson, it's mashing Emma Watson up with other celebrities.


This Fascinating And Horrifying Emma Watson GIF Will Never Make Sense

By | 8 Comments

We've reached peak Internet with this GIF of Emma Watson.


Old Man Letterman Explained 'Harry Potter' To Hermione Granger Herself, Emma Watson

By | 5 Comments

David Letterman talking about Quidditch to Emma Watson is EVERYTHING.

j.k. rowling

J.K. Rowling Says Hermione Should Have Been Riding Harry Potter’s Broom All Along

By | 17 Comments

J.K. Rowling reveals Hermione probably should have ended up with Harry Potter, because that little s--t gets everything...


Stream Them if You’ve Got Them: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, Jan 28th

By | 10 Comments

What Netflix movie should you watch tonight? Find out, with "Stream Them If You've Got Them," a feature about our latest picks in streaming.

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