Let’s Take A Moment To Honor The Shows We Know The Emmys Won’t Ever Celebrate

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There won't be many surprises when the Emmy nominations are announced, but we could shake things up by giving out some special honors.


Let’s Recognize The 2013 Emmy Nominees For Best Television Theme Song And Main Title Sequence

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Often overlooked Emmy categories: Theme Song and Main Title Design (i.e., the opening credits).

Kelsey Grammer

5 Reasons Kelsey Grammer Didn't Receive An Emmy Nom That Had Nothing To Do With His Politics

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A couple of nights ago, on the Tonight Show, Kelsey Grammer was asked why he was denied an Emmy nomination for his performance in Boss last season.


Hold Me, Lana: The 2012 Emmy Snub Awards

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A complete list of actors, actresses, and television shows that were either snubbed or at least deserved some consideration.

#nick offerman

The 10 Best Emmy Snub Reaction GIFs, All Courtesy Of ‘Parks And Recreation’

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Come Thursday morning when superior candidates are passed over for lesser nominees you'll want to share your dismay on the internet. And there is clearly only one way to go about it. That's right, Emmy snub reaction GIFs.


Ranking The 15 Best TV Shows Never Nominated for an Outstanding Comedy or Drama Series Emmy

By | 26 Comments

15 brilliant television shows that have not only never won an Outstanding Series Emmy, they've never even been nominated.


10 Amazing TV Actors Who Have Never Been Nominated For An Emmy

By | 32 Comments

10 phenomenal TV actors who has yet to get the recognition they deserve.

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