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The Twist In The ‘Shameless’ Season Finale Was So Surprising Not Even The Cast Knew

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'Shameless' ends its fourth season with a surprise so shocking that even Emmy Rossum, the lead in the show, had no idea until it aired.


Emmy Rossum Has A Dirty Mind, Is Easily Distracted By Sexy Hot Dog Slogans

By | 7 Comments

Suggestive advertising slogans become even more suggestive once they enter Emmy Rossum's brain.


Honest Trailers Reminds Us How Much 'Dragonball Evolution' Sucked

By | 8 Comments

Honest Trailers got together with Team Four Star to make an honest trailer for the spectacularly bad 'Dragonball Evolution'.

Emmy Rossum Made A Good Case For Watching ‘Shameless’ In ‘Esquire’

By | 16 Comments

You should be watching "Shameless." Emmy Rossum is why.


Emmy Rossum Explains Her 6 Rules For Onscreen Nudity

By | 10 Comments

Emmy Rossum has very specific rules when it comes to sex scenes on 'Shameless.'


Weekend Preview: Emmy Rossum Sings Opera, Blows Out The Mindhole Of America

By | 34 Comments

The second season finale of 'Girls,' and a new episode of Emmy Rossum's 'Shameless' highlight the weekend in television.


Birthday Suits FTW: Television Actresses You Were Likely To See Naked in 2012

By | 42 Comments

A ranking of how likely, based on frequency and gratuity, you are to see a particular actress nude on cable in 2012.


The 10 Television Actresses You Were Most Likely to See Naked in 2011

By | 30 Comments

A magical trend has been building on cable for years and it all seemed to culminate into this fantastic orgy of awesome in 2011: Nudity and quality television are no longer mutually exclusive.


‘Shameless’ Still Looks Pretty Good

By | 5 Comments

"Shameless" returns to Showtime for a second season in January, and the family dramedy starring William H.


Lighten Up, Emmy Rossum

By | 8 Comments

Asking an actress about her nude scenes is like talking about a no-hitter: you don't want jinx something wonderful.


William H. Macy, ‘Shameless’ Drunk

By | 12 Comments

This is the trailer for Showtime's "Shameless," starring William H.


“Shameless” Is Gonna Be A Good Show

By | 16 Comments

I have a handful of friends who love anything and everything British.

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