xmas ape

I Am Donovan McNabb [Raises Fist]


Mood: Weltschmerz Song: "Vanilla Twilight" -- Owl City (Not sure how I feel about a basketball player in the video) Seismic sigh.

xmas ape

The Emo Eagles Are Still Coming to Grips


Song: "I Caught Myself" -- Paramore Mood: Wistful for an era long before I was born It's been a while since I last committed feelings to web page but, if there has been a lapse in time, it was caused the heavy stock taking of anguish that occurred in the wake of Brian Dawkins departure from the Iggles.

xmas ape

Who Left All These Shoes All Over the Miamikkake?


Day two of Wild Card weekend opens with two AFC teams fond of employing gimmick plays and crazed linebackers.

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