Taco Bell Needs Your Help In Making Taco Emoji A Delicious Reality

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Taco Bell has launched a campaign to get Unicode to approve a taco emoji.


What’s The Deal With The ‘Seinfeld’ Emoji? They’re Available On iTunes Now.

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If you thought it was all a joke, the 'Seinfeld' emoji are actually here and available for free on iTunes.


‘Seinfeld’ Emoji Are Almost Real And They Will Be Spectacular

By | 27 Comments

The guys behind the 'Seinfeld' Current Day Twitter account have created 'Seinfeld' emojis that are sure to be an instant hit.


Soon You’ll Finally Be Able To Give Your Friends The Middle Finger Via Emoji


According to the The Unicode Consortium, we could be seeing approximately 250 new emojis coming our way in July.


Now There’s A Tumblr That Will Psychoanalyze You Based On Your Most Recently Used Emojis


A new Tumblr that the world so desperately needed will now psychoanalyze you based upon your most recently used emojis.

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'Game of Phones' Is Season Three Of 'Game Of Thrones' Recreated With Emojis

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It's just like the real 'Game of Thrones,' only without all that annoying nuance and colorful violence!


Hot Dog Enthusiasts Demand Satisfaction In the Form Of A Hot Dog Emoji

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The general manager of the Superdawg Drive-In in Wheeling, IL, is leading the charge to get a hot dog icon added into the Emoji lexicon.

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French PSAs Mash Up Emoji And Perverts

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Emoji are awful enough, but what if they were real? And also child molesters?


The Emoji Version Of Sunday’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Premiere Is Here

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Well of course someone made an emoji version of the Breaking Bad premiere. Of course they did.

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Katy Perry’s Emoji ‘Roar’ Music Video Is The Most Katy Perry Thing Ever

By | 4 Comments

Katy Perry outdoes her Katy Perryness in her "Roar" emoji music video.


Facebook Would Like To Fill Your Status Box With Emoji

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Because your every status also needs to include what you're eating and your emo mood.


Can You Identify These 8 Movies From Their Emoji Plots?

By | 9 Comments

Try to guess the eight movie plots described only through Emoji icons.


Aziz Ansari Remixes ‘N*ggas In Paris’ With Emoticon App


Aziz Ansari is obviously a big fan of Jay-Z and Kanye West and their Watch the Throne collaboration.

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