Study: People Who Use Emojis Are Having Better And More Frequent Sex

By | 10 Comments

Are people who use emojis really getting laid more? A Match.com study provided its findings...

2014 In Review

The Most Popular Word Of 2014 Isn’t Actually A Word — It’s An Emoji

By | 4 Comments

The most popular word in 2014 is an emoji but not the poop emoji? Bullsh*t.


Thanks To Conan, You’ll Soon Be Able To Buy Nick Offerman’s Solid Wood Emojis For Charity

By | 8 Comments

'Conan' is teaming up with Nick Offerman again, this time to help charity and sell his handcrafted wooden emojis for real.

#game of thrones

Screw Winter. ‘Game Of Thrones’ Emojis Are Coming, And They Are Spectacular.

By | 6 Comments

We cannot get these 'Game of Thrones' emojis onto our phones fast enough.


‘Seinfeld’ Emoji Are Almost Real And They Will Be Spectacular

By | 27 Comments

The guys behind the 'Seinfeld' Current Day Twitter account have created 'Seinfeld' emojis that are sure to be an instant hit.

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