Yes, Your Dog Can Actually Tell Whether You’re Happy Or Sad

By | 8 Comments

Dogs, it turns out, can read human faces much better than we thought.


‘Fargo’ Discussion: ‘And Out Of The Darkness, The Wolves Came’

By | 87 Comments

Two things: 1) "Fargo" is officially one of the best shows on television. 2) EMOTIONS.


MIT Is Building A ‘GIF Translator’ Called GIFGIF

By | 3 Comments

Ever wondered what a GIF really mean? That's what GIFGIF is here to tell you.


The Science of Crying


Have you ever wondered why your face leaks when you're sad or emotional.


Dax Shepard Wrote A Heartfelt Article About His Dying Father Meeting His Unborn Child

By | 26 Comments

Wanna feel things today? Red Dax Shepard's blog post about his dying father "meeting" Dax and Kristen Bell's unborn child.


Facebook Users Spreading Their Emotions Like Germs


It's no secret that human emotions are contagious.

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