Walking On A Dream

Guilt-Free Listening: Empire of the Sun’s ‘Ice On the Dune’ Album Stream

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Well look at what the Internet gods have delivered to early-morning RSS feeds: a brand-spankin'-new Empire of the Sun album, streaming in its entirety.


7 Christian Bale Movies To See Before “Dark Knight Rises”

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As is the case with most stars of iconic super hero movies, Christian Bale's legacy will always go something like Bruce Wayne first, any other role second.

Wiz Khalifa

Talking On A Dream…

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After I gave Wiz Khalifa a tip of the hat the other day, it's not surprising he went and set the bar so high by rocking over the one offshoot joint of the year Gotty™ and I'd been waiting for someone to sample all summer; "Walking On A Dream," Empire Of The Sun's floaty indie pop ditty that earned the powerpop duo from Down Under national commercials and a spot on Hov's CD.

Terry Urban

Empire Of The Sun x Terry Urban

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Terry takes Empire Of The Sun's "Walking On A Dream" and flips it into a little dance chune.

Walking On A Dream

“Walking On A Dream…”

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Empire Of The Sun was introduced to me as 'this year's MGMT.

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