Two And A Half Men

Charlie Sheen Predictably Takes The Crazy Road Over Chuck Lorre’s ‘Two And A Half Men’ Finale


When asked about Chuck Lorre's 'Two and a Half Men' finale, Charlie Sheen had some predictably colorful words.


When Her Daughter Flunked A Test, This Mom Threatened To Blow Up The School


When her 15-year-old failed a standardized test, Staten Island mom Karen Shearon may have overreacted a bit.

#Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Says The Hackers Claiming They Have Her Nude Pics Are Full Of It


After her Twitter and Instagram accounts were hacked this morning, Taylor Swift shook off the threat of leaked nude pics.


A London Hair Salon Made Fun Of Kim Jong-Un’s Hair And Received A Visit From His Goons


A London hairdresser invoked the wrath of Kim Jong-Un over a hilarious advertisement for his salon.


TUF 18’s Cody Bollinger Wants To Whoop Barack Obama’s ‘Little Ass’ For Being A Secret Muslim


Former TUF contestant Cody Bollinger announced on Facebook that he'd like to "whoop Barack Obama's little ass" for being anti-Christian and pro-Islam.


Why Robots Won't Replace Minimum Wage Workers Any Time Soon


Whenever workers strike, people talk about replacing them with robots. So here's a lesson in technology... and market forces.


Shut Up, David Stern


Last night, as I was initially excited to watch what felt like the first honest-to-Cthulhu good Thursday Night Football game of the season, word broke across the Twitters and some sports network that doesn’t like to source other reporters that the San Antonio Spurs would be playing without the team’s stars – Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker – against the Miami Heat.


Books-A-Million Joins B&N In Laughable DC Book Ban

Three days ago, we brought you the hilarious story of Barnes and Noble getting all huffy that DC signed an exclusive deal for their most popular graphic novels to the Kindle Fire while the poor Nook was left with all the porn comics and crappy indie comics, so they pulled the entire list from their store shelves.


David Stern Doesn’t Like All That Attention That Baseball Got Last Night

After what many are calling the greatest single night in the history of baseball, you can only imagine how it must feel to be David Stern, AKA the captain of the NBA’s Titanic.

pr firm crybabies

Duke Nukem’s PR Department Cries On Twitter

For those unfamiliar, a quick recap: "Duke Nukem Forever" is a video game that has been in development for fifteen years.

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