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Police Official Claims ‘Apple Will Become The Phone Of Choice For The Pedophile’

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Apple's latest operating system is so secure, even a warrant won't help police "crack" the iPhone.


How To Secure Your Email Amid Secure Email Services Closing

By | 7 Comments

Secure email is still a possibility... just harder to achieve. A guide to what's happening.


Google Plans To Encrypt Your Files To Stick It To The Feds

By | 10 Comments

Google Drive may soon be encrypting your files automatically, in a bid by Google to tell PRISM to stuff it.


Spotify Launches Web Interface, Fails To Secure Its Own Music

By | 4 Comments

Spotify launches a new Web-based music player... and hackers promptly discover it's a free music buffet.

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Pedophiles May Have Used Bitcoin To Trade Pedophile-y Links And Information

By | 8 Comments

Bitcoin is a lot of things; a symbol, a currency, a philosophy. Unfortunately, it may also be a communication method for pedophiles.

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Quantum Internet Is Real And The U.S. Government Is Using It

By | 11 Comments

Quantum internet, a perfectly secure communications method, was science fiction... until two years ago, apparently.


Google Now Automatically Encrypts Your Searches


Google recently started offering the option of encrypted search: instead of your results bouncing all around the Internet, or being observable to people on open Wi-Fi networks, only Google would have them.

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