Master P

A Kentucky Law Firm Turned To Master P For A Celebrity Endorsement

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The Winton and Hiestand Law Group in Louisville has a viral video hit on its hand, thanks to a ringing endorsement from... Master P?


Please Enjoy These Failed NFL Player/Coach Endorsements


Some NFL player/coach endorsements are better than others. These are not the best.


You Should All Binge Watch ‘Scandal’ This Summer

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Do you guys watch "Scandal"? You should watch "Scandal."


Walmart Dropped Paula Deen And Customers Are Furious Over It

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Paula Deen's fans took to Walmart's Facebook page with furious complaints after news broke that the retailer had dropped the embattled celebrity cook.


Celebrities On Twitter Will Soon Have To Disclose All Paid Endorsement Tweets

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The Federal Trade Commission puts the brakes on celebrity endorsements on Twitter.


Ryan Lochte Wants You To Buy A Nissan, Bro

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I don’t know why I forgot to write about it a few weeks ago, but I didn’t hate the Ryan Lochte cameo on 30 Rock.


Breaking Down The Money Of The 2012 Olympics

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According to various sources, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is worth as much as $70 million and made approximately $26 million over the past year, between his NBA contract and 11 or so endorsement deals.


Jeremy Lin Is Getting An Endorsement Deal

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Things are not going very well for the New York Knicks, as last night’s 104-99 loss to the Chicago Bulls extended their losing streak to 6 games and dropped them 6 games below.

ron paul

Kelly Clarkson Fans Not Happy About Kelly Clarkson’s Endorsement Of Ron Paul

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Earlier today, former American Idol winner and current pop star Kelly Clarkson used the magic Twitter machine to express her support for Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.


Delonte West’s Rap Career Isn’t Going Well

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Last week I introduced you to the phat beats, yo, of Boston Celtics guard Delonte West, AKA Charlee Redz, as nobody ever sent him the memo about NBA players and rap careers.


At Least Kobe Isn’t Rapping Again

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Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant has found his way back to the rap world, and yes I checked to make sure I spelled rap, rapper and rapping correctly for each use.


Call Ochocinco's Cereal For A Good Time

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Last month, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco launched his own brand of cereal, OchocincO’s, with the sole purpose of donating proceeds to the charity organization Feed the Children.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan sucks at endorsing

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Jackie Chan is a happy-go-lucky movie star, so it's no surprise that he gets a lot of endorsement deals, especially in his native China, where he's their most-recognized celebrity.


Being Kanye West

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Kanye West's commercial for Absolut Vodka.

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