Science Makes Bacterial Version of Mr. Fusion?


Newspapers, it's often said, will always be popular with people who have hamsters and parrots.

we care more about the laptop applications guys

Aluminum Material To Make Electric Cars Useable?


Pictured at right is aluminum Celmet, courtesy of the Sumitomo Electric corporation.


New Device Harvests Energy From Light… And Your Sweaty Body Heat


Hey remember that whole scene in the Matrix where humans have been turned into batteries.


Scientists Finally Capture 38 Atoms Of Anti-Matter For Tenths Of A Second

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It's long been a science-fiction dream to get power from anti-matter.

wave power

Can Power Systems Get Any Lazier?

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To your right is the beach bum of power collection devices.


Automotive X-Prize Winners Announced


The 30-month-long Progressive Automotive X-Prize for marketable 100 MPGe* cars has come to an end, with three cars out of the 111 original teams splitting the $10 million prize.


Watermelons As A Fuel Source

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Researchers at the USDA in Oklahoma are coming up with new ideas for producing biofuel from discarded crops, specifically watermelons.

who thinks of this stuff anyway?

Pee-Powered Fuel Cells: The Power Stream of the Future


For anything, be it a medical problem or a scientific advance, somebody is going to figure out a way to somehow involve urine.


Machine Turns Plastic Back Into Oil

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Akinori Ito, the CEO of Blest in Japan, decided since plastic is made from oil, his company could build a machine that pulls the oil back out of discarded plastic.


Whisky With A Biofuel Chaser


Nearly a century ago, most research into biofuels related to alcohol distilling was abandoned due to Prohibition.


New Device Pulls Energy From Every Dump


While everyone always worries about the excess water you waste when you flush a toilet, no one ever thinks about the potential energy that gets lost down the pipes also.


This $100 Fuel Cell Fits in a Pocket

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Horizon unveiled their $100 portable fuel cell able to power devices which use 2.


These Windows Generate Electricity


The Chin Hua solar window debuted at the International Optoelectronics Week in Taipei, China.


Living Flesh Turned Into Batteries


Philippe Cinquin and his team at Joseph Fourier University in France have The biofuel cell uses glucose and oxygen present in the body at all times.


The Problem of Nuclear Fusion Can Be Solved with Big Lasers

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Scientific problems can rarely be solved by the Tim Taylor method of "MORE POWER.

welcome to the world of the future

Tesla Still Taking Names With Awesome New Wind Turbine


In the world of scientific rivalries, Edison became disgustingly rich, stole enough inventions to remake the modern world and help define the twentieth century, and probably did more to show people being a scientist can make you more rich than anybody else, creating a rush to the sciences and a wave of innovation.


New Metal Catalyst Will Power Hydrogen Cars, Cause More Explosions


As we all know, the car industry loathes the idea of running on anything that isn't explosive, which is why they hate solar and love with an almost carnal lust fuel cells, which run on deliciously flammable and insanely dangerous hydrogen.


Singapore Scientists Bring “The Matrix” Closer to Reality

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We all remember that ridiculous speech from "The Matrix", about how the machine are using human beings as batteries.


NASA Nearly Achieves Perpetual Motion

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NASA has designed a new robot submarine powered by the temperature changes in the water around it.

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