Today’s Best Wrestling Clip: TNA’s Rockstar Spud On The British Reality Show ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid.’

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This British reality show proves Rockstar Spud has always been amazing, and no, we don't mean British Boot Camp.

public pooping

A British Dwarf Pooped On The Floor Of His Local City Council Office To Protest Unfair Living Conditions


Pooping on the floor of your local city council's office is certainly one way to get your point across.


The Hibernator Is The 8,000-Calorie Breakfast That Comes With A Health Waiver

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Fest your eyes on this 8,000-calorie breakfast that 22 people have tried and failed to devour at Bear Grills Cafe in England.


Sam And Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Home Raided Over The M16 They Apparently Own

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The Taylor-Johnson's home was raided when a passer-by noticed an M-16 assault rifle near a window. Oh, who doesn't have one of those?

#Bros Being Bros

An English Man Was Fined For Pretending To Be A Ghost In A Cemetery


While people were mourning the loss of a loved one at a cemetery in England, an idiot already on probation was pretending to be a ghost.


An Englishman Is Creating A Fart Machine To Point And Fire At France

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Inventor Colin Furze has created a valveless pulsejet that he will put inside a giant butt so he can point it at France to make it fart.


Netflix Wants To Hire Someone In England To Sit Around And Watch Movies All Day

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If you live in the UK or Ireland, get your résumés ready, because Netflix is hiring a 'Tagger' to sit at home and watch movies and TV shows.


Two English Women Dumped The Same Guy With A Banner On A Highway

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A cheater in England might have received an embarrassing surprise on his morning commute, as his two girlfriends made a banner to dump him.

making bank

A Once Junky Looking Ferrari Sold For An Insane Amount Of Money In England

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Have you ever thought about restoring an old car? Well, this guy did it, and boy did it pay off.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Another World Cup Biting Incident Leaves A Fan Missing Part Of His Ear

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An England soccer fan had his ear chomped on in an alleged racist attack at The World Cup.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Sorry, But Barack Obama Did Not Play Soccer For England In The World Cup

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You can actually purchase a Team England World Cup coffee mug that was made when someone couldn't tell Chris Smalling and Obama apart.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

The London Fire Brigade Has A Message For World Cup Fans – Don’t Drink And Cook


London's firefighters would like soccer fans to avoid burning their houses down by getting takeout and not cooking while they're drunk.


You Can Almost Feel The True Love In This Pug Wedding Ceremony


A woman in England threw a pretty fancy wedding ceremony for her pet pugs, Betty and Albert, over the weekend.


Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Will Take Part In A World War I Dogfight At Sonisphere

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Bruce Dickinson is putting his wings on the line in a World War I dogfight in the skies above the Sonisphere Music Festival.


Macaulay Culkin Was Pelted With Beer And Booed Off Stage This Weekend

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Macaulay Culkin and his pizza-themed Velvet Underground tribute band, The Pizza Underground, were booed off stage on Sunday night.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 5/19/14: Head-O-Nistic People

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The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for May 19, 2014, live (on tape) from England. I hope you like ladies who put on crowns and waste soda!


WWE Raw Results 5/19/14

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Quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for May 19, 2014. This was taped in England and aired ... let's say "live."


WWE Raw Open Discussion Thread 5/19/14

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Your official With Leather WWE Raw open discussion thread for May 19, 2014. It's an England Raw, so enjoy those double decker stage buses.


Don’t Want To Lose Your Job As A Driver? Don’t Post A Video On Facebook Bragging About Chasing An Ambulance.

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A 22-year old driver in England was fired after his boss saw a video of him on Facebook bragging about chasing an ambulance through traffic.


Did You Hear The One About The Donkey That Walked Into A Store In England?

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Quick timing led to this peculiar photo of a random donkey popping into a Tesco Express store in England.

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