Fox Has Purchased A Sitcom Based On The Tom Hanks Movie ‘Big’

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Suffice to say we're a bit skeptical of this proposed Fox sitcom adaptation of the 1988 movie 'Big.'


Fox’s $50 Million Reality Series Is A Huge, Honking Failure

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'Utopia,' Fox's year-long reality show gamble, is failing after three days. Miserably.


Yahoo! Won’t Be Bringing Back ‘Enlisted’ After All

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The Fox comedy has been honorably discharged by the search engine's new network.


Fox Is Burning Off The Remaining Episodes Of ‘Enlisted’ Starting This Sunday

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Set your DVRs or tune in for once. You might even help save the show from its doom.


Good News: Fox Axed ‘Dads.’ Bad News: ‘Enlisted’ And ‘Surviving Jack,’ Too.

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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' was the only freshman Fox series to avoid the ax today, as the network canceled three first season shows.


Ranking The 10 Freshman Network Sitcoms Still On The Cancellation Bubble

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From 'Mixology' to 'Enlisted, 'the best and worst of the freshman sitcoms still perched precariously on the cancellation bubble.


Here Are The 14 TV Shows On The Cancellation Bubble

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NBC's 'Hannibal' doesn't even rise to the level of bubble show, apparently, while 'Community' still sits on the cancellation/renewal fence.


Weekend Preview: Let’s Start The Save ‘Enlisted’ Campaign Tonight

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It's probably our last chance to save 'Enlisted,' plus 'Shameless,' 'The Good Wife,' and 'Banshee's' second season finale.


The 12 Network Shows Most Likely To Be Cancelled

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Cancellation Watch: A quick look at the network shows most unlikely to make it back next fall.

#uproxx 20

UPROXX 20: Angelique Cabral Of ‘Enlisted’ Is Still Waiting For Fred Savage To Respond To Her Love Letters

By | 10 Comments

Angelique Cabral was nice enough to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule recently to answer a few questions from us.

justin halpern

The One New Show You Must Watch If You Ever Want Network TV To Start Sticking Its Finger Up Your Butt

By | 37 Comments

Justin Halpern explains why watching 'Enlisted' is the only way to get network television to stop screwing in the missionary position.

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