20% Of Third Graders Have Cell Phones. Wait, WHAT?

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Just to help out anybody who thinks that cyber-bullying the fault of the collective Internet, it's not -- its root cause are parents who give their children free reign on the web.

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5 Reasons for The Widening Gamer Divide

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<a href="">Kotaku Core was widely mocked when it was first announced</a>, and to a point, there's a good reason for that.

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“I Am Alive” Nontroversy Lights Up the Internet, Is Stupid

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So, as you may be somewhat aware, possibly from an angry tweet about how Ubisoft doesn't care about PC gamers or butthurt forum trolls, Ubisoft's upcoming and extremely interesting "I Am Alive" is quite possibly not hitting PCs because, shockingly, Ubisoft is concerned about piracy and sales.

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