Hershey’s Stopped Imports Of Cadbury Products From The UK, But Small Businesses Found A Loophole

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Cadbury won't be able to ship their goods to the US, but there are other ways to get your hands on these sweets.


Movie Theaters Will Introduce Seat Sensors So Viewers Can Interact with On-Screen Ads. HOORAY.

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Developers have created technology that will allow viewers to interact with ads/lose their souls on screen.


A Company Will Soon Offer A VIP Public Restroom In New York City For $8 A Plop

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This summer, people in New York City will be able to poop and shower on the run thanks to POSH Stow and Go's VIP public bathrooms.


A Seattle Entrepreneur Will Help You Pretend To Be Homeless For Just $2,000

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Calling it a "Course in Applied Homelessness," a Seattle entrepreneur is offering people the chance to be homeless for just $2,000.


House Arrest Will Not Stop Lindsay Lohan From Whoring Out Paid Endorsements


As you may have heard, budding Harvey Fierstein impressionist Lindsay Lohan is under house arrest for being a menace to society or something.

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