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Atlanta Hawks Owner Bruce Levenson’s Email Shows He’s Dumb, Not Racist

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Why selling his share of the team might not be a bad thing after all.


Mark Cuban Is Either Really Racist Or Very Realistic

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"I know I'm prejudiced" but "we all have our bigotry."


NBA Hands Donald Sterling His Punishment For Racist Remarks

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Commissioner hits Donald Sterling with the maximum discipline within his powers.


Excuse Me If I Don’t Drink Homeboy Sandman’s ‘Black People Are Cowards’ Kool-Aid

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I’m just not impressed or moved by 2,000 words on how sh*tty I am as a Black person, and how I’m not doing enough to change the world.


Donald Trump: Donald Sterling Was Setup By “The Girlfriend From Hell”

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The Donald thinks the other Donald didn't get a fair shake.


Clippers Donald Sterling: Once A Racist, Always A Racist

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Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, faces criticism over alleged racist remarks.


TMZ Finally Jumps The Shark…Then Calls It A N*gga

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Dear TMZ, in the words of Flavor Flav, "I don't wanna be called yo n****"

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Jay Z Responds To Barneys Critics: “I’m No Stranger To Being Profiled”

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With the grumbling over his collaboration with Barneys becoming to loud to ignore, Jay Z released a statement via Life + Times portal saying he has no immediate plans to bail on the luxury retailer just yet.

#Jay Z

Jay Z Silent As Petition Urges Mogul To Cut Ties With Barneys Following Racial Profiling Claims

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Remember that time when Jay Z immediately boycotted Cristal (and thus the inception of Ace of Spades) because of racist comments the company made about rappers and something something “bling lifestyle.

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