Ernie Johnson Asks Russell Westbrook About Execution & “Do You Like Us?”

In case you missed it, Russell Westbrook recently told the Oklahoman's Berry Tramel — who has been critical of Westbrook in print — "I don't like you.


Watch “Inside The NBA” Salute Craig Sager On Christmas Day

It's been months now since Craig Sager was diagnosed with Leukemia, robbing NBA fans of one of the most colorful personalities ever, and an NBA lifer whose sideline reporting has become synonymous with the game itself.

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TNT’s Ernie Johnson Dropped The Mic After An Epic Rap Battle With Nicki Minaj


Do you want to see 58-year-old Ernie Johnson bust out some rap lyrics on Nicki Minaj? Of course you do.

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Video: Shaq & Ernie Are Always Watching In The New NBA 2K15 Trailer


In the first extended trailer for NBA 2K15, the ID and Superego of TNT's "Inside the NBA," Shaquille O'Neal and Ernie Johnson, lend their personas to the game.


Kevin Durant On First Seeing 10-Year-Old Stephen Curry : “I Thought He Was White”


NEW YORK — During the NBA 2K Uncensored event yesterday, moderator Ernie Johnson asked the four players in attendence, James Harden, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis and NBA 2K15 cover athlete, Kevin Durant, whether they could remember the first time they heard about one of the other players on stage.


Video: Mark Cuban’s “Inside The NBA” Interview After Hoodie Comments

Last week, Mark Cuban spoke at a business conference in Nashville, and the Donald Sterling story was brought up.


Watch Kevin Hart Hilariously Impersonate The “Inside The NBA” Crew

The Emmy-winning "Inside the NBA" crew featuring Chuck, Kenny, Ernie and Shaq has become almost as beloved as the playoffs.


Shaq To Barkley: “You Kissed Dick In The Mouth”


As if you needed more evidence that TNT's "Inside The NBA" is the most entertaining show on television.


Here’s A 19-Year-Old Shaquille O’Neal Telling Ernie Johnson His Plans For Future NBA Dominance


Who would've thought on March 29, 1991, Ernie Johnson and Shaq would one day become co-workers?


Chris Webber Wins Controversial Inside The NBA “Chariots Of BackFire” Race


There were so many things to love about the Inside the NBA "Chariots of BackFire" Race last night on TNT.

Shaquille O'Neal

Watch Shaq Slip & Crash To The Floor On “Inside The NBA”

Things got flipped up a little bit on TNT's esteemed "Inside the NBA" tonight.


Shaq’s Cell Phone Turns TNT Pre-Game Show Into a Debacle

So this is how the night started on TNT: Shaq's cell phone went off during some Charles Barkley analysis (Chuck looks like he just heard the smoke alarm or something).

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