Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD & Blu-ray: Free Birds For The Dallas Buyers Club

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This week's DVD offerings include a film about Matthew McConaughey saving the gays from AIDs, and a film the Dove Foundation warns has "time travel." Enjoy.

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5 Games You Want Coming Out This Week (Nov. 24th – 30th): A Turkey Of A Week

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For some reason the biggest week of the year for games sales, is the most barren when it comes to game releases...


Weekend Movie Guide: ‘Carrie’ < ‘Kyrie’

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Opening Everywhere: Carrie, Escape Plan, The Fifth Estate Opening Somewhere: 12 Years a Slave, All is Lost FilmDrunk Suggests: Not 12 Years a Slave, if you read Vince’s review.

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Here Are Two New Clips And Some B-Roll Action From 'Escape Plan'

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I don’t know if Machete Kills is changing the way that studios promote movies or if it’s always been this way and I’m just now noticing, but it looks like Escape Plan is getting in on the “Leave nothing to the imagination” marketing plan.

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This Week in Posters & Stills: Is this the week’s worst poster? Or the year’s?

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THIS WEEK IN POSTERS - This Week in Posters & Stills is our weekly round-up (and critique) of all the posterspublicity stills, one-sheets, and set photos that hit in the previous week, a nice little early preview of what's to come in the movie world.

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Stallone & Schwarzenegger escape from prison and 50 Cent is there too!

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A man like Arnold, he doesn't do anything small, as evidenced by his penchant for giant trucks and mulatto ass (his words).

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