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Rihanna Wearing Nothing But Kale On The New Esquire Cover Doesn’t Make Her The ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’

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Every year Esquire names a new "Sexiest Woman Alive" and just about every year I disagree with it.


Esquire Scribe: Jon Stewart Is A D*ck

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So I finally got around to reading <a href="">the massive piece on Jon Stewart in the new issue of Esquire</a> and one thing is certain: Esquire scribe Tom Junod does not like Jon Stewart.


Fellas, Facebook Is Not The Place To Look For Marriage Proposal Advice

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Because how much a man loves a woman in the modern world is defined solely by how <a href="">elaborately and creatively he proposes to her</a>, some random dude named Santo is teaming with Esquire and Sprint -- who are offering prizes for your suggestions -- to try to come up with a creative way to pop the question to his lady, lest she be publicly shamed by the humiliation of not having a man willing to emasculate himself in front of family, friends and countless strangers in exchange for the privilege of having the state officially validate their coupling.



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<a href=""></a>(I admit, the headline may have been slightly misleading.


Anal Hathaway, I Mean…

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Yes, I know, this has nothing to do with music.

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