Esquire Scribe Wishes Women He Sleeps With Would Show More Enthusiasm

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That thing where you follow someone you admire and respect on Twitter and then the persona they present on Twitter causes you to lose some of your admiration and respect for them.

she's a girl not yet a woman

Rihanna Wearing Nothing But Kale On The New Esquire Cover Doesn’t Make Her The ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’

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Every year Esquire names a new "Sexiest Woman Alive" and just about every year I disagree with it.


Esquire Scribe: Jon Stewart Is A D*ck

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So I finally got around to reading the massive piece on Jon Stewart in the new issue of Esquire and one thing is certain: Esquire scribe Tom Junod does not like Jon Stewart.


Fellas, Facebook Is Not The Place To Look For Marriage Proposal Advice

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Because how much a man loves a woman in the modern world is defined solely by how elaborately and creatively he proposes to her, some random dude named Santo is teaming with Esquire and Sprint -- who are offering prizes for your suggestions -- to try to come up with a creative way to pop the question to his lady, lest she be publicly shamed by the humiliation of not having a man willing to emasculate himself in front of family, friends and countless strangers in exchange for the privilege of having the state officially validate their coupling.



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(I admit, the headline may have been slightly misleading.


Anal Hathaway, I Mean…

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Yes, I know, this has nothing to do with music.

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