Etsy Has Come Up With A Creative Solution To Having To Look At Your Pet’s Butthole

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This Etsy store helpfully sells covers so you can avoid looking at your pet's butthole.


Someone Made A T-Shirt With Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Note On It

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The Nirvana frontman's suicide note was available as a baseball tee or tank top.

#Game of Thrones

Treat Yourself To Some ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ornaments Because Christmas Is Coming

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If these 'Game Of Thrones' tree ornaments don't get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will.


Cat Battle Armor? Your Kitty Can Has.

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Have you ever thought your cat just wasn't deadly enough? Good news, weirdo! Etsy seller Schnabuble has created cat battle armor.


Need A Stocking Stuffer? Check Out This Unofficial ‘Anchorman’ Coloring Book


If you're looking for a quirky gift or just a reason to doodle, an Etsy shop has this awesome unofficial 'Anchorman' coloring book.


Here's A 'Golden Girls' LEGO Set For The Person Who Truly Has Everything

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With custom LEGO sets all the rage these days, here's a set available on Etsy for any fan of The Golden Girls.

Indiana Jones

For Just $200 Your Cat Can Live Like Indiana Jones

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The Etsy shop CatastrophiCreations only has one item in stock right now, but it’s the one item that might make your cat the most adventurous feline in your neighborhood.


Serenity Now: ‘Firefly’ Fans Making Jayne Hats Get Cease And Desist Orders (Plus A Cosplay Gallery)

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'Firefly' fans on Etsy are getting cease and desist letters for making Jayne hats. We send off the homemade Jayne hat with song (and cosplay pictures).


Introducing ‘Undead Teds’ — The Teddy Bears That Want To Eat Your Brains

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British “Artist for Hire” Phillip Blackman has outdone himself with a new series of zombie teddy bears known as "UndeadTeds". Simply put: "UndeadTeds are repurposed soft toys transformed into fluffy, bloody horrors to keep you awake at night."


Some Girl We Now Have A Huge Crush On Designed A George Costanza Dress

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We kind of love -- no, check that, we do love -- the girl who made this Costanza dress. Even better, the proceeds of the sales are going to a good cause.


The Perfect Gift For That Special Lady: The Jon Hamm Coloring Book

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Back in August, swarthy Italian artist Vince brought us the amazing news that a Ryan Gosling coloring book exists, and I simply assume that every lady Drunkard and male Drunkard that stalks them went out and purchased every last one of these things.


Come Play With Us, Danny: A Definitive Gallery Of Tributes To ‘The Shining’

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One of my least favorite questions in the world is: “What’s your favorite movie.


The Queen of Etsy


Etsy is run by a maniacal queen named Ellie Harper (Rachel Leigh Cook).

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GOBIAS: The 10 Finest Pieces Of 'Arrested Development' Merchandise Available On Etsy

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As we slowly inch closer to the Arrested Development revival it's becoming more and more a point of pride to exhibit your fandom in new and different ways.


"Sexy Vampire Menstrual Pad"

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I saw this on Tumblr over the weekend and thought it deserved a post, for obvious reasons.

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Ever Wonder Where All That Etsy Crap Comes From? Sw-Etsy Shops, That's Where!


Ever wonder where all that crap your girlfriend buys on Etsy comes from? Well, it's made by manic pixie hipster girls in "Sw-Etsy" shops tucked away in hipster enclaves across the land, according to the "hidden camera" footage embedded above.


This Week In Original Etsy Sports Merchandise – 2012 Summer Olympics Edition

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Earlier this week, I scoured the Internet to put together my official 2012 Summer Olympics Team USA viewing gear so I could properly cheer on my nation’s best athletes from the comfort of my favorite bars.


Kanye And Aziz Are Best Friend Cats In Watercolor


And they can be yours for a valet tip ($70 plus shipping and handling) if you act now!

#LeBron James

This Week In Original Etsy Sports Merchandise

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In what has quickly become my favorite With Leather-inspired hobby yet – not counting dumpster diving outside Kate Upton’s apartment – I tried to broaden the horizon of TWiOESM by including a little bit of everything.

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