Etsy Has Come Up With A Creative Solution To Having To Look At Your Pet’s Butthole

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This Etsy store helpfully sells covers so you can avoid looking at your pet's butthole.


Someone Made A T-Shirt With Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Note On It

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The Nirvana frontman's suicide note was available as a baseball tee or tank top.

#Game of Thrones

Treat Yourself To Some ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ornaments Because Christmas Is Coming

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If these 'Game Of Thrones' tree ornaments don't get you in the Christmas spirit, nothing will.


Cat Battle Armor? Your Kitty Can Has.

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Have you ever thought your cat just wasn't deadly enough? Good news, weirdo! Etsy seller Schnabuble has created cat battle armor.


Need A Stocking Stuffer? Check Out This Unofficial ‘Anchorman’ Coloring Book


If you're looking for a quirky gift or just a reason to doodle, an Etsy shop has this awesome unofficial 'Anchorman' coloring book.


Here's A 'Golden Girls' LEGO Set For The Person Who Truly Has Everything

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With custom LEGO sets all the rage these days, here's a set available on Etsy for any fan of The Golden Girls.

Indiana Jones

For Just $200 Your Cat Can Live Like Indiana Jones

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The <a href="http://www.etsy.com/shop/CatastrophiCreations?ref=seller_info" target="_blank">Etsy shop CatastrophiCreations</a> only has one item in stock right now, but it’s the one item that might make your cat the most adventurous feline in your neighborhood.


Serenity Now: ‘Firefly’ Fans Making Jayne Hats Get Cease And Desist Orders (Plus A Cosplay Gallery)

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'Firefly' fans on Etsy are getting cease and desist letters for making Jayne hats. We send off the homemade Jayne hat with song (and cosplay pictures).


Introducing ‘Undead Teds’ — The Teddy Bears That Want To Eat Your Brains

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British “Artist for Hire” Phillip Blackman has outdone himself with a new series of zombie teddy bears known as "UndeadTeds". Simply put: "UndeadTeds are repurposed soft toys transformed into fluffy, bloody horrors to keep you awake at night."


Some Girl We Now Have A Huge Crush On Designed A George Costanza Dress

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We kind of love -- no, check that, we do love -- the girl who made this Costanza dress. Even better, the proceeds of the sales are going to a good cause.


The Perfect Gift For That Special Lady: The Jon Hamm Coloring Book

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Back in August, swarthy Italian artist Vince brought us the amazing news that <a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2012/08/ryan-gosling-coloring-book-now-on-sale">a Ryan Gosling coloring book exists</a>, and I simply assume that every lady Drunkard and male Drunkard that stalks them went out and purchased every last one of these things.


Come Play With Us, Danny: A Definitive Gallery Of Tributes To ‘The Shining’

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One of my least favorite questions in the world is: “What’s your favorite movie.


The Queen of Etsy


Etsy is run by a maniacal queen named Ellie Harper (Rachel Leigh Cook).

#arrested development

GOBIAS: The 10 Finest Pieces Of 'Arrested Development' Merchandise Available On Etsy

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As we slowly inch closer to the Arrested Development revival it's becoming more and more a point of pride to exhibit your fandom in new and different ways.


"Sexy Vampire Menstrual Pad"

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I saw this on <a href="http://elementaryschoolgraduate.tumblr.com/post/30088717775" target="_blank">Tumblr</a> over the weekend and thought it deserved a post, for obvious reasons.

manic pixie hipster girls

Ever Wonder Where All That Etsy Crap Comes From? Sw-Etsy Shops, That's Where!


Ever wonder where all that crap your girlfriend buys on Etsy comes from? Well, it's made by manic pixie hipster girls in "Sw-Etsy" shops tucked away in hipster enclaves across the land, according to the "hidden camera" footage embedded above.


This Week In Original Etsy Sports Merchandise – 2012 Summer Olympics Edition

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Earlier this week, I scoured the Internet to put together my official 2012 Summer Olympics Team USA viewing gear so I could properly cheer on my nation’s best athletes from the comfort of my favorite bars.


Kanye And Aziz Are Best Friend Cats In Watercolor


And they can be yours for a valet tip ($70 plus shipping and handling) if you act now!


This Week In Original Etsy Sports Merchandise

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In what has quickly become my favorite With Leather-inspired hobby yet – not counting dumpster diving outside Kate Upton’s apartment – I tried to broaden the horizon of TWiOESM by including a little bit of everything.

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