Ken Burns Made A Hilarious Short Documentary About Comedian Eugene Mirman

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Ken Burns cut his teeth on wordy documentaries about The Civil War and Baseball, but now he's shifting focus onto bigger prey: Comedian Eugene Mirman.


The Best Twitter Reactions To This Morning’s Los Angeles Earthquake

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As usual, Twitter provided the best insight into the 4.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Los Angeles this morning.


“Fill my p***y with cream cheese!” Eugene Mirman’s Sam Jackson monolog is pretty great.

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Yesterday, I told you about how Sam Jackson, being the awesome dude he is, offered fans the chance to submit a 300-word monologue, from which Jackson would read whichever one got the most upvotes on Reddit.

Samuel L. Jackson

Eugene Mirman Had The Best Entry In Samuel L. Jackson’s Monologue Contest (And The Morning Links)

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Read "Bob's Burgers" star Eugene Mirman's gorgeous entry to Samuel L. Jackson's Reddit monologue contest, and the rest of the Morning Links.


Eugene Mirman Loves Sandwiches, Guns N’ Roses, And Wolves As Much As You Do

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Comedian Eugene Mirman, on the eve of his Comedy Central special, answers our questions about his meals, first crushes, and dogs or cats.


David Cross And Amber Tamblyn Had The Most Charmingly Perfect Wedding Ever

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Don't be such a blow hard: enjoy something nice for a change.

#james franco

The Comprehensive Guide To The Best, Most Inspiring Commencement Speeches Of 2012


When it comes to commencement speeches, too many colleges take the boring road and choose some random schlub that a group of 20-somethings has barely heard of, because the old farts calling the shots would love to hear what Fogey Johnson has to say about the old days.


Balls, Baptists, and (H. Jon) Benjamin: Pics from ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Premiere

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On Friday, two days before the show's second season premiere on Fox, the cast of “Bob’s Burgers,” including Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, and H.



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Paul Rudd (along with Michael Ian Black, Eugene Mirman, and others) recently starred in this parody of a New York Times ad, which is pretty funny even if you don't get the reference.

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