Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan Is Returning To The Ring In November, But Don’t Get Too Excited

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WWE is advertising Daniel Bryan for their November European tour, so ... what does that mean, exactly?


Italy Really Wants You To Buy A Piece Of Poveglia, The Most Haunted Island On The Planet

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You could soon own the most haunted place on Earth when Italy auctions off Poveglia. Better hope the Wayans Brothers don't beat you to it!


What If Europe's Top Football Clubs Got The American Sports Logo Treatment?

By | 6 Comments

Here's a pretty good idea of what it might look like if the sports logos of Europe's best clubs were suddenly designed by Americans.


Man’s Dead Body Found Horrifyingly Plastered On The Front Of A High Speed French Train

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The body of a 48-year-old man was found splattered on the front driver's carriage of a French high-speed TGV train, which went undetected for a full 25 miles. Train washer = WORST JOB EVER.

#video games

The EU Wants To Bring The Hammer Down On Free-To-Play Games

By | 7 Comments

Free-to-play games might soon be forced to be a little more honest, thanks to the EU.


Great Hockey Celebration Or GREATEST Hockey Celebration?

By | 10 Comments

Norway's Adrian Alvarstein busted a move after his team's 8-3 win and redefined what a good hockey celebration could be. This one involves breakdancing.


Please Enjoy Watching Felipe Reyes Hit The King Of Ridiculous, Lucky Buzzer-Beaters


Spanish basketball league star Felipe Reyes sunk an over-the-head, no-look, leaping-out-of-bounds three-point buzzer-beater. Unbelievable.

slow tv

European News: A Million Norwegians Watched A Show About Knitting And Drunk French Dudes Stole A Circus Llama

By | 13 Comments

Checking in with Europe: A show about knitting got Super Bowl-esque number in Norway, and a bunch of drunk French guys kidnapped a circus llama.

the dutch

Europe Is Trying To Ban Pornography

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On Wednesday, the European Parliament approved a new bill that effectively eliminates gender stereotypes in the media, which is bad news for Italian weathermen who refer to giant storms as “spicy meat-a-balls”.

porn ban

Europe Isn't Banning Porn, For Now

By | 2 Comments

The EU Porn Ban is effectively dead, and many are relieved. And not just for the reasons you'd think.

The Internet

European Politicians Block Emails From Citizens Irate Over Proposed Porn Ban

By | 2 Comments

Remember the European Union porn ban? Apparently elected officials are taking the "LA LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU!" approach to citizen comments on the topic.


The EU Wants A ‘Flag This As Terrorism’ Button On Every Internet Browser

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The Clean IT Project apparently consists entirely of people who have never, ever, been on the Internet.


Google Vs. Europe: Place Your Bets


Google and Europe are not so friendly anymore.


Taiwan Explains Europe’s Ryder Cup Comeback: Fire, Armor, Ghosts


Taiwan Animation covered Europe's unlikely Ryder Cup comeback in their usual way -- with afros, morphsuits and people from the United States dressing like Uncle Sam at all times.

internet tax

Europe Still Trying to Hide A Censorship Policy Inside A Stupid Tax Idea


American companies should pay for European networks because... because... help us out here, Europe.


Europe Somehow Missed Facebook’s Anti-Privacy Attitude


Everyone knows how annoying Facebook can be.


The Best Of The Inaugural 2011 European Rabbit Hopping Championships

By | 9 Comments

Back in May, I introduced the world of With Leather to the latest Swedish sport to win our hearts – Kaninhop.


You Couldn’t Pay Us Enough: Swiss Adventurers Perfect Extreme Hot-Tubbing

By | 9 Comments

On October 1, a group of 25 adventure-loving maniacs from Switzerland set out to accomplish their most death-defying feat to date.

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