Europe Wants to Tax the Internet. Again.

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<a href=""></a>You know, eventually somebody is going to have to explain to Europe that data is not a fixed resource.


EU Angry At Germany For Refusing To Spy On Its Citizens


<a href=""></a>In 2006 the European Union decided it had enough of the US being the only country out to destroy privacy completely and passed a resolution requiring all its member countries to pass laws requiring that their ISPs retain every email, phone conversation, and related piece of data -- in other words anything people might use to communicate -- for all eternity.


European Union Extends Copyright Another Twenty Years


Aside from banging Cher back when she was hot and tormenting us with "I've Got You, Babe," <a href="">Sonny Bono's great contribution humanity was extending copyright law by another twenty years</a>, essentially decimating the public domain and kickstarting what's shaped up to be a huge argument about intellectual property, copyright, and where the good of the public comes in.

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