Google’s Wiping Out ‘Free-To-Play’ Games As We Know Them, And Apple Is Likely To Follow


The "free" designation will soon disappear from the Google Play store.


Europe Wants to Tax the Internet. Again.


You know, eventually somebody is going to have to explain to Europe that data is not a fixed resource.


EU Angry At Germany For Refusing To Spy On Its Citizens

In 2006 the European Union decided it had enough of the US being the only country out to destroy privacy completely and passed a resolution requiring all its member countries to pass laws requiring that their ISPs retain every email, phone conversation, and related piece of data -- in other words anything people might use to communicate -- for all eternity.


European Union Extends Copyright Another Twenty Years

Aside from banging Cher back when she was hot and tormenting us with "I've Got You, Babe," Sonny Bono's great contribution humanity was extending copyright law by another twenty years, essentially decimating the public domain and kickstarting what's shaped up to be a huge argument about intellectual property, copyright, and where the good of the public comes in.

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