FilmDrunk Comedy Night: A JägerBonds Success Story

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The FilmDrunk Frot-crew and you, a story of JägerBonds and comedy.


FilmDrunk, JagerBonds, And Comedy: Tomorrow Night!

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Prepare yourself for JägerBonds, and a comedy show/FilmDrunk meet-up in San Francisco.


Reminder: Our PAX East Coverage Starts Tomorrow


Yes, we know it starts today, but some of us have day jobs, so you'll just to settle for constant updates from the show floor tomorrow and Sunday.

chris hardwick

The REMIX LAB Is Something We Think You Should Know About


In the interest of alerting you guys to events going on around the country that we here at UPROXX feel are cool and worthy of your consideration -- something we hope to do more of in the future -- there's <a href="">an event taking place in New York this weekend</a>, with upcoming dates in Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles to follow, that I feel compelled to tell you about.

CyHi The Prynce

Event: Digital Freshness With CyHi Da Prynce


<a href=""> Mark this one on your calendar if you're in the Chi or have plans to be in the city next week. Our friends @ RubyHornet are putting on another Digital Freshness event, this time with CyHi Da Prynce as the featured artist. For $5, the deal cannot be defeated. "On November 20th, G.O.O.D. Music's CyHi Da Prynce will join the list as he hosts Digital Freshness at Beauty Bar (1444 W. Chicago). The night will also feature DJ sets by Residents DJ RTC and VIPJ (The Alphabet Boys), Hollywood Holt, Vic Lloyd, and Indianapolis' DJ Metrognome as well as a guest performance from YP. Prior to the party, Chicago streetwear boutique LDRS1354 (672 N. Wells) will host a meet and greet with CyHi Da Prynce from 4-6PM. "CyHi Da Prynce has quickly become one of Hip Hop's most buzzworthy artists after a guest appearance on Yelawolf's "I Wish" caught the attention of Kanye West. West sung the praises of Prynce and added him to his G.O.O.D. Music roster where he joins artists such as Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Big Sean, Mos Def, and Common. Since joining G.O.O.D. Music, CyHi has been a mainstay on leading blogs and tastemaker sites following his features on G.O.O.D. Friday releases including "So Appalled". In addition, CyHi stole the show when he participated in the G.O.O.D. Music Cypher during the BET Awards, wowing a global audience and driving attention towards his recently released mixtape, "Royal Flush." Digital Freshness will mark CyHi's introduction to Chicago, where he will also see the city and participate in a Closed Session. The party kicks off at 10PM and is $5 all night." For more info, visit <a href="">RubyHornet</a> and then confirm your attendance on <a href="">the Facebook Event page</a>.

Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music)

Event: The Good Times Tour With Stalley, Camp Lo & Terry Urban


<a href=""> Still rolling his stones on the road since we touched bases with him in <a href="">NOLA</a> and <a href="">A3C</a>, Stalley is focused on making your holiday experience one for the ages with headnod Hip-Hop and an energetic stage show.

passion pit

Event Recap: B.o.B., Snoop Dogg & Friends At Vandy’s Commodore Quake

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<a href=""> A little over two years ago, no one knew about Bobby Ray Simmons, the young man who would go on to become known as <a href="">B.o.B.</a> Luckily, we did and had the foresight to have him headline <a href="">our Bootleggers and Tastemakers stage</a>.

Nike Trainer 1.2

Bo Jackson All For One Event At Niketown NY

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<a href=""> If you're in NYC for CMJ and need a break from the music, Nike's hosting <a href="">"Bo Jackson ALL For One"</a> event.


J. Cole & Petey Pablo Raise Up For North Cackalacka

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<a href=""> Typically, when you throw a fellow human a bone, it ends up being mutually beneficial. Such was the case this past weekend when homegrown hero and Roc Nation's torchbearer-- <a href="">J. Cole</a>-- brought out long-lost, local legend <a href="">Petey Pablo</a> to assist their state of North Carolina sing the Tar Heal anthem, "<a href="">Raise Up</a>.

100 Proof (The Hangover)

The A3C Aftermath

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<a href=""> Festival fatigue has lingering effects that last for days and beset even the staunchest of music fans. The consecutive days of blaring bass, constant standing while nodding along to whatever beat's playing, shaking more hands than a stumping politician, the lack of sleep & the consistent blur of it all create a war of attrition that few if any can survive without coming back feeling that perpetual motion feeling that's similar to initial few minutes after having exited a swimming pool. Even days later, my wife yelled to have me assist with a chore and I immediately threw my hands in the air as if she were an emcee dictating what my response should be. But it's all for the good. I came away from A3C with more CDs, business cards, shared experiences and endless gigabytes of photos and video. However, it now all lays aside my desk like a waste treatment plant, staring at and challenging me to attempt to sift through it. Countless items on the to-do list versus an overwhelming inbox, zero video editing skills and another flight out in the morning for a short trip. While we continue to recover, we didn't want to leave you hanging for recap information because there's plenty of it. Of the 200+ artists billed to attend the Festival, rest assured that mine eyes witnessed at least 120 of those acts and that's a whole lot of Hip-Hopping. There were several underdogs and other artists who I'd never heard of but both ended up flooring me with their stage presence. Of course, there were the letdowns too, the ones who had the stage presence of a 2" x 4". Later, we'll get to all that. <a href=""> The Kid Daytona touches the people in many ways. For now, enjoy a few snapshots taken from our Perfect Attendance stage and a variety of video clips collected from inbox. And start saving <a href="">for SXSW now</a>.


Night Of The Living Dance

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<a href=""> Despite my budget trying to sway me otherwise, I plan on spending my Halloween getting sloshed with <a href="">Chromeo</a> X <a href="">A-Trak</a> X <a href="">Theophilus London</a>, for what my Chi-Town brethren says shall be the hottest concert in the land come October's end.

A3C Hip-Hop Festival 2010

The Week That Was: The Road To A3C Edition

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<a href=""> Even though <a href="">A3C</a> was at the forefront of our minds this week, we still had work to do around here: -- To the surprise of no one, Kobe picked himself to win in <a href="">one-on-one against LeBron</a>.

2010 A3C Hip-Hop Festival

A3C Is Even Better The Second Time Around

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After a <a href="">successful and lively first night</a>, it's already time for night two of the Perfect Attendance stage and it's time for the best of the Midwest to step into the spotlight.

A3C Hip-Hop Festival 2010

Let A3C Now Begin

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After weeks of buildup, <a href="">A3C</a> is set to kick off tonight & we'll be hosting our West Stage with performances by <a href="">TiRon</a>, Diz Gibran, El Prez, Rocky Rivera, <a href="">Ayomari</a>, Pac Div, <a href="">DaVinci</a>, <a href="">Surf Club</a> and a whole bunch of other folks.

BE Everywhere

Playboy Tre & Sean Falyon Got Their Red Cups Ready

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<a href="""> If you just so happen to be in ATL this week for...I don't know...say <a href="">A3C Perfect Attendance by The Smoking Section</a>, then you should be made aware of another event that's going down after the West rocks the stage.

2010 A3C Hip-Hop Festival

From StL To ATL

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<a href=""> Over the past few years, the collective talent and consistent production of the St. Louis underground has become an unstoppable force in the Midwest. Leading the march on Atlanta are <a href="">Black Spade</a>, <a href="">Vandalyzm</a> and <a href="">Gotta Be Karim</a>, three MCs who share the scene’s dedication to musical purity.

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