The Evil Dead Remake

The ‘Evil Dead’ Red Band Trailer Delivers The Gore, Skimps On The Humor And Personality


The new Evil Dead isn't looking that great, but at least it's super gory...

unnecessary remakes

The Evil Dead Remake has a real trailer with gore and dub-step and stuff


I posted the leaked New York comic-con footage from the Evil Dead remake last week and it caused quite a stir, judging by the nearly 4,000 Facebook shares, despite the crappy bootleg-quality video.


Bootleg Evil Dead trailer is bloody, blurry


Fede Alvarez's remake of Evil Dead starring no one you've heard of opens April 2013 and the first teaser dropped at New York Comic Con over the weekend, a bootleg of which just hit the web and you can watch below (quickly, it'll probably get pulled off faster than one of your mom's houseguests).

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