Wait, An Unexpected ‘Wheel Of Time’ Pilot Aired On FX? An Explainer.

By | 23 Comments

A half-hour pilot aired for 'The Wheel of Time' on FX... and everybody's furious. A brief explainer as to why.


What You Need To Know About The Marvel-Sony Spider-Man Team Up

By | 66 Comments

Marvel and Sony are making Spidey movies together... but what will that actually entail?


Why Did Oil Prices Suddenly Tank? An Explainer.

By | 50 Comments

Oil is cheap and thus gas is cheap. But how did we get to $2.13 a gallon from $4 in the summer?

Sling TV

Everything You Need To Know About Sling TV, Dish’s Attempt To Turn Cable Into Netflix

By | 13 Comments

Ready for cable without cable? Here's what you need to know about Sling TV.


Who The Heck Are The Inhumans? A Non-Nerd Explainer.

By | 26 Comments

Marvel is all about the Inhumans these days... but who are they? Here's an explainer for the non-nerds.

Artificial Intelligence

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Artificial Intelligence

By | 9 Comments

Artificial intelligence scared the hell out of some really smart people in 2014. But it shouldn't have. Here's why.

suicide squad

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Suicide Squad

By | 53 Comments

Excited for the Suicide Squad... but not sure what it's all about? Here's what you need to know about this supervillain team.

#Game of Thrones

A Short Primer On Telltale Games For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fans

By | 13 Comments

'Game Of Thrones' gets a video game worth playing... but it might be a bit of a surprise to non-gamers. Here's what you need to know.


What Is GamerGate? Here’s An Explainer For All The Confused Non-Nerds Out There.

By | 121 Comments

GamerGate is everywhere these days... but what is it? Here's a brief overview.


Why Is Lockheed Building A Fusion Reactor? A Non-Nerd Explainer

By | 25 Comments

Lockheed just promised to, essentially, change the world in ten years with nuclear fusion. Here's how.


Is Ebola Going To Wipe Us All Out? An Explainer

By | 16 Comments

Right now, no, Ebola won't be killing us all. But there are serious concerns.


Did They Really Find A Woman With No Brain In China?

By | 11 Comments

Well, she does have a brain. She's just missing a very crucial part of it. We explain.

#Video Games

Why #GamerGate Is A Lie Gamers Need To Stop Telling Themselves

By | 74 Comments

#GamerGate is a trending hashtag. And it's also an embarrassment to gaming.


Here’s Why Facebook Is Pissed At Neil DeGrasse Tyson Over GMOs

By | 48 Comments

Neil DeGrasse Tyson took on GMOs, and the Internet is FURIOUS. Here's why.

#Guardians Of The Galaxy

The Non-Nerd’s Guide To The Guardians Of The Galaxy

By | 21 Comments

Not up on the Guardians Of The Galaxy? Here's a refresher course on the team's history.

Sinister Six

A Non-Nerd’s Guide To The Sinister Six

By | 23 Comments

The Sinister Six are coming to multiplexes in 2016. But who the heck are these guys? Here's what non-nerds should know about the team.


This Is Why Archie Is Dying: A Brief Explanation

By | 17 Comments

Why is Archie Andrews buying the farm? Not just to sell comics, believe it or not.


Why Uber Drivers Are Protesting The Company’s CEO: An Explainer

By | 20 Comments

Uber drivers are unhappy with their boss for wanting to replace them with robots. Really.


The Non-Nerd’s Guide To The Turing Test, And Why It’s Important

By | 13 Comments

A chatbot has passed the Turing Test... but what does that actually mean? Here's an explanation for non-nerds.

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