Science Experiment Gone Wrong


It's always a great sign when your high school chemistry teacher is telling people to move back before the experiment even begins.


Soccer Fans Are Trying To Blow Up Their Least Favorite Players

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In the grand tradition of somebody throwing a grenade at soccer players comes this clip from Sunday's match between Anorthosis and Omonia Nicosia, wherein a player gets injured and somebody in the crowd throws firecrackers at him.


MythBusters Destruction Supercut


The most destructive moments in MythBusters history, set to dubstep.


Soccer Player Finds Grenade on Field, Nearly Loses Hand


A soccer player in Iran unknowingly picks up a grenade thrown on the field, and tosses it to the sidelines just before it explodes.


Massive Power Plant Explosion


A transformer caught fire at a power plant in Oklahoma over the weekend, causing this huge explosion.


Massive WWII Bomb Detonates in Germany


Explosives experts in Germany detonated the remains of a 550-pound World War II bomb in central Munich on Tuesday.


Detonating Airbags Inside a Dryer


When you put two airbags inside a clothes dryer and detonate them, the results are explosive.


Another Chinese iPad Factory Exploded Today


In what will no doubt be covered as a story about iPad scarcity instead of a story about work conditions in China, a Chinese factory that was supposed to build iPad back panels blew up today.


StuntBusters: Like MythBusters, But With More Exploding Death

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Normally I leave the television you can write about without expressed, written consent to Warming Glow, but the first episode of 'StuntBusters' debuts Tuesday night on Speed and I felt it contained the right amounts of things exploding and women in heels surfing the hoods of cars to justify itself as a sports recommendation.

Michael Bay

The Many Explosions of Michael Bay: An Infographic

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It's a well known fact that Michael Bay signs off all email correspondence and voicemail messages with (*explosion sound*).


8 Ridiculous 'Minecraft' Explosion Videos


Some guys just want to watch the virtual world burn.


Construction Robot Blows Up Fukushima…Again?


So, a robot blew up Fukushima again.


Is Cisco Helping The Chinese Kill People?


The Chinese government is not notable for anything resembling respecting human rights, but it's particularly pronounced in their persecution of the members of the Falun Gong movement.


Next Time, Don’t Let 8-Ball Be On Your Pit Crew

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These things are called "V8 Supercars," and they're sort of like the Australian version of NASCAR, only they aren't piloted by Larry the Driving Guy and can turn both left and right.


Pita is Unhealthy

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In the most relaxing NBA fan video you'll watch all day, Andres Gabriel Pita of the Miami-based Latin Urban Pop musical trio "Los Primeros" gives the Miami Heat a playoffs pep talk and causes you, the viewer, to die from an epileptic seizure.


Here’s A Fun Monster Truck Explosion

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I don't really have much information behind this video other than it's a monster truck and it explodes, but for the sake of entertainment I'll assume this took place in Kentucky every day for the last 20 years.



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If you ever wondered what a cake being blown to kingdom come looks like, there's your answer.

local news

Live Local News Is the Best

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Live television is one of the Internet's most precious resources, because human error so often works its way into the spotlight.

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