This Beleaguered Homeowner Dropped The F-Bomb During Live Earthquake Coverage

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We're on your side, guy whose house was just ruined. It is pretty f'ed up.


Cate Blanchett Dropped An Emphatic F-Bomb During Her Post-Oscars Press Conference


Cate Blanchett went full Australian, and the whole thing aired live on CNN.


Claude Giroux Is Not Afraid To Tell You To Go F*ck Yourself On National Television

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Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux gave Michael Raffl a special message during a post-game interview, and it was 20% F-bombs.


The Boston Red Sox Won The World Series And Here Come The F-Bombs

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The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions, so Jon Lester and fans are saying the F-word on TV as frequently as possible. WORLD F**KEN CHAMPIONS

Stanley Cup Finals

Poll: Who Victory-Cursed Better?

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Since there's <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2011/06/stanley-cup-recap-the-faces-of-vancouvers-horrific-sportsmanship#page/1" target="_blank">no artsy gallery of riot photos</a> from downtown Los Angeles this morning, we've got the next best thing: players dropping f-bombs in live post-game interviews.


‘Dexter’s’ Jennifer Carpenter Will Curse At You on Twitter

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"Dexter" has been on a rapid decline, peaking in season four with John Lithgow's Trinity Killer and gradually moving down the ladder of quality, from the mediocre Julia Stiles' season to the most recent and horrific Colin Hanks' season.


Bengals DC Mike Zimmer Drops ‘MF’ Bomb On Bobby Petrino

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Mike Zimmer is a sentimental favorite in Cincinnati.




I really think that if Broncos coach Josh McDaniels was a few years younger, he never would have gone into coaching football, but instead would have spent his formative years in a college computer lab, learning HTML while fiddling with his GeoCities site (uh, not speaking from experience or anything).

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