Facebook Wants To Give You ‘More Control’ By Selling Your Browsing History

By | 34 Comments

Facebook adorably tries to pretend its latest privacy violation is a huge opportunity for you, the consumer.


A Teacher Who Slept With Her Student Put Inappropriate Photos On Facebook

By | 59 Comments

This special education teacher just learned an important life lesson: don't sleep with your underage students.


Facebook Is In Trouble For Yet Another Creepy Privacy Violation

By | 14 Comments

Facebook is getting all creepy on your privacy. Again.


This New Facebook Feature Scans Your Profile To Pinpoint Exactly When Your Life Went Downhill

By | 6 Comments

A new Facebook feature lets you know exactly when your life was literally the best it is ever going to be.


Patton Oswalt Is Taking The Summer Off From Social Media

By | 23 Comments

In a post to his Facebook page on Sunday, Patton Oswalt announced he's taking a break from social media because he's "become my own tyrant."


Here’s The Honest Trailer For ‘Candy Crush Saga’, The Kardashian Of Video Games

By | 4 Comments

Finally, there's an Honest Trailer for 'Candy Crush Saga', a game that makes you dumber just for being exposed to it.


An Iranian Judge Has Ordered Mark Zuckerberg To Testify In Court

By | 8 Comments

Won't somebody call Ben Affleck to get Zuck out of this jam!?


Edgar Wright Deletes A Telling Tweet, Marvel Directors Comment On ‘Ant-Man’ Kerfuffle

By | 19 Comments

Edgar Wright, James Gunn, and Joss Whedon have taken to social media to comment on Wright's departure from Marvel's 'Ant-Man'.


The New Lemonheads Candy Mascot Is Going To Give Your Children Nightmares

By | 18 Comments

The Ferrara Candy Co. gave the Lemonhead mascot a makeover and the result is a grown up man with an actual lemon for his head.


Facebook Now Allows You To Ask Somebody Their Relationship Status

By | 12 Comments

Facebook now lets you annoy your friends about their relationship status. But it's not for you. It's for Facebook.


These May Be The First Photos Of Gal Gadot On The Set Of ‘Batman Vs Superman’

By | 40 Comments

These are probably the first pictures of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince on the Michigan set of 'Batman vs. Superman'. We want to believe.


‘Batman Vs Superman’ Behind-The-Scenes Photos Give A Good Look At The Batmobile

By | 7 Comments

We have two behind-the-scenes photos offering the best look yet at the overall design of the new Batmobile in 'Batman vs. Superman'.


A.1.’s ‘New Friend Request’ Commercial Is A Strangely Beautiful Food Love Story

By | 9 Comments

A.1. is dropping the 'Steak' from its name in this delightful new commercial that has the sauce partying with new foods on Facebook.


Iran Is Banning WhatsApp Because Mark Zuckerberg Is A ‘Zionist’

By | 6 Comments

Iran is banning WhatsApp because Mark Zuckerberg used to be Jewish. Of course, there is also a real reason.


Facebook Concedes A Tiny Wedge Of Privacy To Its Users


Facebook admits that maybe its users want some privacy. Just a little. Not too much.


Tila Tequila Would Like To Share Photographic Evidence Of Her Pregnancy

By | 13 Comments

Tila Tequila just posted a picture that allegedly shows her baby bump. Illuminati.


Don’t Want To Lose Your Job As A Driver? Don’t Post A Video On Facebook Bragging About Chasing An Ambulance.

By | 5 Comments

A 22-year old driver in England was fired after his boss saw a video of him on Facebook bragging about chasing an ambulance through traffic.

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