Can You Declare Copyright On Your Facebook Posts? No, Because They’re Already Copyrighted.

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The copyright hoax is sweeping Facebook again, so here's what you actually need to know about Facebook and copyright.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Have You Noticed How The 2014 FIFA World Cup Logo Looks Like A Facepalm?

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Everyone sure seems to think that the 2014 World Cup logo looks like a facepalm, and that's because it really does.


McDonald's Urges Employees To Avoid Eating At McDonald's


McResource Line -- the McDonald's employee resource website -- is a treasure trove of hilarious hypocrisy.

mad science friday

Mad Science Friday: Double Facepalm Facebook Warning!

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There are two studies in particular we wanted to single out today. Not because they're particularly weird but because you can expect them to be all over your Facebook fairly soon with a lot of attendant stupidity, and far be it from us not to prepare you.


Sign of the apocalypse: movies based on iPhone games

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I've already reported on planned movie adaptations of board games, arcade games, Today's canoe is Angry Birds, an iPhone game from Finland's Rovio that boasts 6.



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Variety reports that Scorpion King director Chuck Russell is set to do a $70 million, 3D re-working of Arabian Nights, aka 1,001 Nights.

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