The Bitcoin Implosion Continues As Mt. Gox Files For Bankruptcy

By | 16 Comments

Bitcoin has another setback, as all hope for getting anything out of Mt. Gox dies.


Bitcoin Investors Just Had $350 Million Of Their Money Stolen

By | 23 Comments

Bitcoin was always a bit Wild-West-esque... and that includes major bank robberies.


Wearable Technology Is Destined To Be 2014's Most Embarrassing Fad

By | 5 Comments

The wearable tech fad is about to go mainstream in 2014... and it won't be pretty. We look at next year's inevitable, embarrassing fad.


Mich. HS Students’ Harlem Shake Video Included Simulated Oral & A Live Duck

By | 15 Comments

The "Harlem Shake" video fad is finally petering out, thankfully so for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which being that no one's actually doing the Harlem Shake in them.


This Is What’s Really Going To Happen To Bitcoin

By | 21 Comments

Bitcoin is popular among libertarians and nerds, and will be right up until they learn the hard way that nothing is perfect.

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