Watch Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant Totally Bungle This Wide Open Dunk


Dallas Cowboy superstar goes up for a wide open slam... only to bungle it.


World’s Worst Knife Thrower Hits Assistant TWICE On Live TV

By | 12 Comments

A knife thrower competing on 'Lithuania's Got Talent' managed to skewer his assistant in the hand AND head.


Idina Menzel Addresses Her New Year’s Eve ‘Let It Go’ Flub

By | 14 Comments

Idina Menzel messed up the final note of 'Let It Go' on New Year's Eve, and has some ironic words for all the haters about it.

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This Lady Is The Absolute Worst At Getting Gas

By | 11 Comments

How does someone this dumb function in society?

#Viral Videos

Check Out This Motorcycle Love Connection Get Ruined By A Clueless Guy On A Scooter

By | 6 Comments

This possible love connection gets ruined by a man on a red scooter. At least he got to show off his nice watch.


This Helpful Video Demonstrates The Worst Ways To Remove Those Pesky Movember Mustaches

By | 2 Comments

Mehdi Sadaghdar shows some of the worst ways to remove a mustache to all those Movember participants out there.


Can Someone Explain This Man’s Obnoxious Crossfit Workout?

By | 25 Comments

I'm told this is a video of somebody doing Crossfit. REMINDER: Don't do Crossfit.

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This Groom Violently Dropping His Bride Is A Perfect Lesson In How Not To Start A Marriage

By | 2 Comments

If you're going to carry your new wife, try to be careful. That means no sprinting.

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Watch This Cop Viciously Faceplant While Chasing Topless Protesters Through The Streets Of France

By | 8 Comments

Ouch! A cop in full riot gear was chasing a flock of topless protesters and he went down HARD.

#ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Do The Ice Bucket Challenge While Riding A Horse

By | 12 Comments

Please do not attempt the Ice Bucket Challenge while riding a horse. You will end up in pain.


Here’s A Video Of FedEx Not Giving Two Sh*ts About Your Stuff

By | 17 Comments

If it looks as though your iPad was thrown around like a football, it probably was.

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Woman Changes Mind About Jumping Off High Dive At The Last Second, Leading To Horrific Blooper

By | 15 Comments

A woman who changed her mind about jumping off a diving board at the very last second endures a painful blooper.

viral video

Road-Raging Motorcyclist Kicks Moving Car, Instantly Receives A Hearty Dose Of Karma

By | 5 Comments

The laws of physics still apply, no matter how hard you're road raging.

Stanley Cup Finals

Watch A Celebrating LA Kings Fan Walk Across The Ice In High Heels And Completely Eat It

By | 29 Comments

Watch a young lady in high heels walk across the ice during a post-Stanley Cup Finals celebration and completely eat it.


Is This The Saddest Flop In The History Of Organized Soccer?

By | 15 Comments

Watch one of the most pathetic flops in soccer history, courtesy of a fat man who just received a gentle tap on the shoulder.


Here’s The Most Confident Spelling Bee Failure You’ll Ever See

By | 31 Comments

This kid was so sure of himself, right up until the point when the judges tore his heart out.

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